Podcast – Rumors of Leaving Fitness / Beachbody

To this minute, I continue to be inundated with questions in regard to my fitness career. Well today, I finally open up and get candid — putting many rumors to rest — about why I made the decision to step away from the fitness industry.


You’ll find out:

  • My backstory re: learning to try different things and great money-mindset lessons (from childhood)
  • My experience working different jobs and creating my own businesses (while going to school)
  • The reasons I went into debt early on and trying to keep up with all the things
  • The model I created my 1st workout program after
  • The success of my initial exercise programs
  • When/why Beachbody came into my life
  • Why I didn’t feel confident in the fitness industry
  • What attributed to my failing (very dangerous) health
  • My thoughts on how we should comment on people’s weight loss
  • How I feel I’m truly meant to serve
  • Why I feel you were put on this earth



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