Podcast – Searching for a Biological Parent | Part 1

This is Part 1 in a series about my best friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno. With permission, I share Dr. Mcayla’s journey in searching for her biological father. I’ll set the stage for you and lay out the details of how Mcayla began her search and perhaps, most importantly, what her mindset was at that time in her life. This fascinating real-life story is sure to grip your attention — whether or not you can relate to never knowing your biological parents.


You’ll hear…

  • The contrast between Mcayla and her brother and the nature vs nurture debate
  • How Mcayla viewed the relationship between my parents and I
  • The step-by-step process Mcayla put into action to find her bio dad
  • The real-time voice message exchanges between Mcayla and I (which I saved) that document how I became her point of contact for ancestry dot com
  • Behind-the-scenes phone call with Mcayla and her mom as she tries to jog her mom’s memory re: her biological father



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