Shady Massage Parlors and Empty Nest Reset

Bret and I are on our way to date night, discussing future travel plans, when my ADHD leads us down the rabbit hole of massage parlors. We share our own hypothesis on all the seemingly shady massage parlors in the area, before pulling the owner and our favorite waitress, Jen, into the discussion at popular San Clemente eatery, Gema.

This episode also includes a cute reflection on our empty nest reset, including: how we’ve rekindled our love, and our excitement for the next adventure! 


We highly recommend Gema if you’re ever in South Orange County!

You’ll find out:

  •  My thoughts on people being mad at me (and how I differ in this way compared to my siblings)
  • Bret’s theory as to how a military base in the area may be a contributing factor to certain establishments open for business
  • Our once very awkward experience with a Thai massage
  • I interview our lovely waitress re: the “extra” massage parlors
  • How this season of our marriage feels like a reset (AKA back to when we first started dating)
  • Why Bret and I are super excited and free (for the first time) — looking forward to this full year
  • How my sponsors feel about YOU
  • My thoughts on whether or not one needs an ADHD diagnosis (when they — including kids — think they have it)




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