Sleep Off Your Fat | Fit Friday with Keith Harris

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.41.00 AMThese Fit Friday episodes are shorter and geared towards living a healthy fulfilling life!  Todays episode is all about sleep and how it effects our weight.

Topics discussed:

– How many hours of sleep is optimal

– How certain sleep patterns will cause you to gain body fat

– Techniques to help you stay asleep

– Scientific research about the best environment to sleep in

– How much REM sleep you need to burn fat

– For a better night sleep, make the room cooler

– How to know if your sleep deprived

Time Codes:

0:00 Intro
1:22 Keith and Chalene start talking
2:00 nobody really wants to go on a strict diet or exercise more
2:40 how drastically does sleep effect you
3:30 age and the amount of sleep
4:10 consistency is key
5:12 why sleep is so critical
7:00 lifting heavy and the sleep needed
8:15 a message from a lifer
11:00 facebook page
11:40 tips for going to bed early
12:47 you need a dark room to stay asleep
13:38 no caffeine in the afternoon
13:53 how do you know your sleep deprived
15:14 driving sleep deprived
16:55 Keith’s struggle with a long commute and being sleep deprived
17:35 sleep deprivation and food cravings and body fat
18:28 sleep deprivation and craving comforting “carby” foods
19:40 how you convince yourself you “need” something when your sleep deprived
20:30 outro

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