Podcast – When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up

We can all relate to having those moments of regret for something said or not said. The bottom line is: There are times when you should speak your mind and there are other times when the best course of action is to simply hold back and take a mental note. But how do you discern when? In this episode, I’ll provide insight with specific examples and, also, share a template to help you quickly navigate a variety of different conversations with confidence.


You’ll find out:

  • The importance of asking yourself “what is your intent?” before offering your thoughts to someone
  • Why/how you must consider the timing of a situation before volunteering your opinion
  • Why you must self-analyze your emotional state before speaking your mind
  • The beauty of accepting someone as they are and not have unrealistic expectations of that person
  • Why it’s imperative to walk into a dialogue thinking of it as a conversation vs a confrontation
  • Specific examples of situations where it’s better for you not to say anything
  • When to use body language vs words
  • Times you shouldn’t repeat your point
  • The moment I realized I needed to stop engaging in debate (i.e., trying to convince that my position is the right one)
  • Specific examples as to when you have an obligation to speak up
  • When people are far more inclined to respond favorably to what you have to say
  • A personal anecdote describing the time I spoke up and told someone why I thought they were participating in abuse (and the outcome of that conversation)
  • Why you must weigh the options of: what people think of you for speaking up vs what does/doesn’t happen because you stayed silent
  • Reviewing the power of intention / timing / delivery



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