Erectile Dysfunction, Mismatched Sex Drive, Loss of Libido And How to Spice Things Up | with, Bret & Chalene

Because I’ve been asked quite frequently to do another episode on the subject of sex, I wanted to make sure and cover questions that you’d find most helpful.

So, I headed to Instagram and asked what you wanted answered re: this topic. 

Today, Bret and I do our best and tackle your questions on sex! Reminder: we’re not sex experts or therapists. 

Disclaimer: Due to the subject matter (and the show getting a bit juicy), you may not want to listen with little humans around.


Questions answered:

  • How to get in the mood when I find myself (generally) annoyed by my spouse?
  • How do I tell my husband what I need from him to get me in the mood?
  • How do you tell your partner you’re afraid to do what they want to do?
  • I don’t look forward to sex anymore, but prefer just going to bed.
  • My wife has gained weight, her confidence is worse, and I’m not finding myself attracted to her anymore.
  • Vaginal dryness due to hormonal replacement therapy. 
  • My husband wants it multiple times a day and I want it once a day.
  • Who initiates sex between Bret and I and how?
  • How to keep things exciting?
  • Why do I feel like I need 3 – 4 glasses of wine to let go?


You’ll also find out:

  • What gets me in the mood
  • Where a lot of my info on sex comes from
  • Website I love for sex related stuff that’s not too risqué
  • The power of being open and communicative
  • Why Bret was instructed to lower his testosterone
  • The role hormones play in people’s sex drive
  • The percentage of men that struggle with erectile dysfunction (and how to deal with it)
  • How Bret and I keep things exciting
  • Why Bret and I prefer having sex in a hotel vs AirBnb




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