The All or Nothing Mindset is Killing Your Progress

This episode of The Chalene Show is for YOU!


Because in this episode, I’m gonna address all sorts of things. Marriage. Diet. Cleaning your house. Goal setting. Business. You name it. In some way, you will find a way to connect with the what I am delivering to you.

Now I bet you are wondering how on Earth I’m gonna touch on all those different categories in under 20 minutes!!! (I know, I’m a mind reader). The thing is, all of those different aspects connect to the way in which we think or process using our minds. AND oftentimes, the way in which we process our minds is (unfortunately) in a habitual negative manner. We can refer to this mindset as the (dun dun dun…) ALL OR NOTHING MINDSET.

Now, HOLD UP! What the heck is this “all or nothing mindset”?

Well, well, well… have you ever told yourself or others to “go big or go home” or to “do it right or don’t do it at all”? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Now, this mindset isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing, but it does indeed have its cons. Hear me out…

These thoughts are indeed motivating and powerful, but (ask yourself) what is the alternative to “all”? When would it be okay to have “nothing” over “something”? Exactly.

A happy medium is a good thing too, for getting something accomplished is far better than sitting around and doing nothing. It’s ABSOLUTELY okay (if anything, it is recommended) to work with a steady, comfortable progression that slightly pushes you past your limits. Yes, a challenge is key to finding determination and motivation. Though, be careful, because the all or nothing mindset allows our minds to be tricked. Tricked into thinking that if we do not achieve our goals or accomplish our task in entirety, then we are a failure.

And now my point for all of this is…Why provide yourself with an opportunity to fail?

In this podcast I will guide you into a new method of thinking. I’ll introduce to you a more appropriate perspective to take on what lies on your plate, and how to get rid of your fear of failure.

The all or nothing mentality will (more often than not) leave you feeling empty or like a failure. Listen in and I will teach you exactly how to train your mind and reshape your thoughts to better your outlook on your day and your challenges.

Some things I will expand on in detail throughout this podcast include: how to identify when you use this harsh mindset, how you can use your common sense to recognize the effect of your decisions, and how to identify what IS working for you.

The goal here is progress. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “little by little, one travels far”. In this situation, that saying could not be more accurate. I want you to let go of your longing to be perfect and in this episode, I’m gonna help you restore the health of your mindset to do so.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read through this! I urge you to listen to this podcast, because this is one of those episodes that you will connect with regardless of where you stand in your life today. You can download this episode through the link below.


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