The Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurship | 5 Lies You’ve Been Believing

Welcome to the latest episode of “Build Your Tribe” titled “The Shocking Truth About Entrepreneurship: 5 Lies You’ve Been Believing”. Join Brock as he turns on the spotlight and unravel the sugarcoated myths that have been misleading aspiring entrepreneurs like you and me for years.

In this episode, we’re debunking the tantalizing promise of passive income. Sure, it sounds like the ultimate dream – earning money while you sleep, but let’s get real and dig into what it truly takes to achieve it.

Then, we’ll challenge the all-too-familiar mantra “follow your passion”. Passion is important, don’t get me wrong, but is it the ultimate key to entrepreneurial success? You’re about to find out.

Ever feel like you’re alone on this entrepreneurial journey and you need to figure it out all by yourself? Brock has  been there too. Together, we’ll address this misconception and reveal the actual power of seeking help and fostering collaborations.

Are you naturally destined to be a leader, CEO, or entrepreneur? We’re dismantling the belief that entrepreneurship is a birthright and discussing how it’s more about resilience, learning, and adaptation.

Lastly, we’re pushing back on the notion that your primary focus should be your social media presence when starting out. Is it significant or is it a time-sucker deterring you from what truly matters?

Join Brock in this enlightening conversation and let’s change the way we view entrepreneurship. It’s time we started building our tribes on truth, grit, and genuine learning, rather than false promises and misconceptions. Buckle up, and let’s dive in!


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