Podcast – TikTok is Taking over Social Media and Here’s Why

Today, you get both Brock and I! Why? Well, we’re so excited about the possibilities of TikTok that we just has to do this show together! With 1.5 BILLION registered users, TikTok — still a NEW platform — is something you need to be looking at and taking quite seriously. We’ve done the research and will explain why TikTok is growing so fast, why it’s NOT just for kids, and why it’s so much more than dancing and lip syncing! You’ll also find out how to strategize this app for building your business and other social media platforms!


You’ll find out…

  • TikTok’s backstory
  • The science behind what makes TikTok addictive (i.e., groundbreaking artificial intelligence)
  • Why being an early settler on TikTok matters, especially for your niche
  • How Brock defines viral on TikTok
  • The benefits of cross-platform promotion
  • Why you should interact with comments on TikTok
  • How the culture on TikTok differs from all other social media platforms
  • Current trends on TikTok



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TikTok accounts that are not what you’d think as typical…

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