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In this episode I talk to you about my top 5 million dollar mantras. I feel like my education didn’t start until after college. I started studying successful people, looking at those that were stressed success and those that were secure success. The people that fascinated me were the ones that were able to be successful and still have control of their lives and were living by their rules and their priorities.




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0:00 Intro to the show
3:12 I want to share with you my top 5 millionaire mantras
4:44 my first million dollar mantra – if your intentions are good and pure, you don’t have to worry about what other people think
6:05 make yourself a promise to keep your intentions pure
7:21 it’s okay to laugh at your mistakes
7:38 you have to be open to the progress your making
8:15 there will always be people who find fault in you
10:38 if people decide to show negativity, towards you or on social media, just remove the comment or take the necessary steps to remove that person from your inner circle
11:27 no one is responsible for your progress except for you
13:28 no one cares more about your future than you do, which means you need to take responsibility for your success
14:47 in order to have an abundance of blessings, you first have to acknowledge and appreciate what you DO have
15:45 make a list of all the things that if they were gone tomorrow, your life would change dramatically – even the simple things, like the ability to exercise, the laughter your pet brings you, etc.
18:13 expect that 80% of the time you’ll hit your mark and 20% of the time you’ll face challenges and potential failure – but those failures are what teach you the lessons and what make you stronger
20:30 Expect that there are going to be speed bumps – just don’t let that speed bump derail your progress
20:45 the joy is in the journey, it’s the challenges you overcome that make the success so worthwhile
23:40 think about a moment that was a BIG deal that you got through
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