Berberine vs Ozempic | Natural Weight Loss

If you do not want the side effects or the high cost of weight loss drugs like Ozempic, this episode is for you!! 

In this episode of The Chalene Show podcast, I weigh the pros and cons of FDA-approved weight loss drugs like Ozempic versus natural weight loss alternatives like Berberine. If you’re wary of these pharmaceutical solutions, there’s good news! Natural alternatives like Berberine have similar glucose-regulating effects but without the side effects of synthetic drugs. Other supplements to consider for natural weight loss and better glucose management include Yerba Mate Tea and Magnesium. Yerba Mate can increase the hormone GLP-1 naturally, aiding in appetite suppression. Magnesium is critical for insulin sensitivity and many other bodily functions; yet, it’s often overlooked, especially in people over 40.

A balanced diet rich in protein, complex carbs, and soluble fiber can also regulate your blood sugar and weight naturally. For those looking for an active approach, don’t overlook the benefits of walking and weight training. These exercises not only improve insulin sensitivity but also help build muscle, which in turn boosts your metabolism. For a safer, potentially more effective approach to weight loss and diabetes management, tune in. Always consult your healthcare provider before making changes.

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