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In this episode of the Chalene Show Podcast I share with you the exact weekly workout plan I’m currently following. I break down all the exercise splits, upper body, lower body, sets, reps, how many days, how much rest, what i’m NOT doing for cardio and how I’ve used walking for weight loss and toned legs all injury and pain free! 

In this episode I share the secrets of undulating periodization, and the huge difference weight lifting and changing up my cardio has improved my body, hormones, happiness, and overall longevity. For the bands you see me using for home workouts and lower body click here 

This episode breaks down (in detail) each day and each exercise I do for my current strength training routine weekly. I reveal which body parts I focus on and the specific days I dedicate to each one. And if you’re a visual learner this is one you definitely want to watch on YouTube where I share with you footage from my actual workouts plus my workout notes so you can screenshot and save to your phone. 

And if you’d like to do my workouts with me every day and follow along with my workout plan, check out my monthly workout subscription on IG Instagram.com/chalenejohnson 

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