Podcast – Top Instagram Tips with Chalene Johnson

Today’s Best Of 2019 episode is dedicated to all things Instagram. I’ve gathered some of my best Instagram advice from the year to bring you tips on general posts, Stories and IGTV! If you’re looking to change your IG game, well… look no further!


You’ll learn:

  • How to be relatable on Stories
  • The type of Story content you want to post at least once a day
  • The type of Story content you MUST post once a day
  • How to know what type of content to produce on IGTV
  • Should you repurpose YouTube videos for IGTV
  • How to use hashtags the right way
  • How to protect yourself against appearing as white noise
  • What are chat stickers and how to make the most of this feature
  • Why use a creator account
  • How to take advantage of Insights
  • What is a general vs primary DM



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