Podcast – How to Transition from Network Marketing to Mindset Coach with Cayla Craft

If you have listened to Build Your Tribe for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about the invaluable experience and business knowledge one can gain from Network Marketing. Sure, Network Marketing is not for everyone and it may not be your gig forever — but it certainly can teach you how to transition into running your own business. Cue: today’s guest, fellow podcaster, Cayla Craft. She’ll share with you her journey of building her Networking Marketing business while, also, transitioning into her own very lucrative brand!


You’ll also find out:

  • Cayla’s backstory of entrepreneurship, starting as a child
  • When / how Cayla started with Network Marketing
  • How successful was Cayla, really, in Network Marketing?
  • How Cayla knew she had what it took to step outside Network Marketing and do her own thing
  • How Cayla navigated the rules of Network Marketing while building her own brand
  • How Marketing Impact Academy played a role in Cayla’s strategy in growing her brand
  • How the Network Marketing company Cayla worked with challenged her
  • Why in-home parties and traveling were the best thing for Cayla’s early Network Marketing days
  • How to make more money in less time doing your own thing than with Network Marketing
  • Details on Cayla’s membership program
  • How Cayla learned to train her clients
  • The process in which Cayla eventually left her Network Marketing company
  • Cayla’s advice for getting your own brand off the ground



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