What I Eat in a Day and My Weekly Workout Routine

Ever wondered how to be as healthy as possible, even in the chaos of today’s world? You’re not alone. Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on two pillars that structure my day: my workout routine and what I eat. 

Now, don’t forget—these are tailored to me, based on my body, goals, and lifestyle. But guess what? I’m also throwing in some universal truths anyone can adopt to step up their wellness game.

Delving into My Weekly Workout Routine

Strength training is my jam! There’s nothing like feeling strong, empowered, and seeing my body evolve. What’s the secret sauce behind it all? It’s called phasing or periodization. Every 4-6 weeks, I shuffle my workout to keep my muscles on their toes—figuratively, of course.

My Weight Lifting Schedule

Here’s how my typical week looks:

  • Monday: Chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Tuesday: It’s all about legs
  • Wednesday: Back and biceps
  • Thursday: Plyometric leg day
  • Friday: Again, chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Saturday: Stretch and cardio
  • Sunday: Another leg day (because why not?)

Want the nitty-gritty? 

  • For chest, think flys, bench presses, and pushups. 
  • Shoulders get a dose of rear delts, lateral raises, and overhead presses. 
  • Triceps aren’t left out—they get pushups, kickbacks, and skull crushers.

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Why I’ve Never Had Back Issues

One thing I’m often asked is how I’ve managed to dodge back problems. Simple—I focus on core strength, which includes back muscle development. That means a lot of back extensions and other movements targeting my erector spinae.

Cardio: A Gentle Booster for Your Workout Routine

Though I’m a weight-lifting aficionado, I never skimp on cardio. No HIIT, just moderate, steady-state cardio for at least 30 minutes on my strength training days.

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Navigating My Daily Nutrition

Shifting gears to my diet, I keep tabs on what goes in using MyFitnessPal. It’s like my virtual food journal, helping me spot when I need to recalibrate.

When My Diet Needs a Detour

I rotate my eating plans roughly every month and a half. Recently, I sensed that my body was not its vibrant self—hello, inflammation. So, I switched gears and went into what’s known as the ‘target phase’, where intermittent fasting takes a back seat.

The Target Phase Menu

Curious about what I munch on during the target phase? Here it is:

  • Breakfast: Egg whites, ground turkey stir fry with veggies, and Ezekiel toast
  • Lunch: Chicken breast, rice (either brown or cauliflower), and greens
  • Dinner: Halibut, again rice, and spinach
  • Snacks: An oatmeal mix and hot turmeric drink

I aim for a macro split of 35% carbs, 25% fat, and 40% protein. It’s not one-size-fits-all, though—you need to tune these to your body.

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Timeouts from Intermittent Fasting

Women, especially over 40, should know when to take a break from intermittent fasting. Warning signs? Increased body fat, irregular eating cycles, and loss of appetite.


In a nutshell, that’s how I tackle exercise and nutrition. But remember, consistency is king (or should I say, queen?). It’s all about sticking to a plan tailored for you.


Ready to learn more? Listen to episode #560 of The Chalene Show. And if this episode struck a chord, don’t miss Episode #425 – Are You Really Healthy?

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