Podcast – What Kind of Instagram Account Should You Have?

On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, Brock explains the different Instagram account options and which ones to consider for growing your following. Also, you may have noticed in the last few months some very popular accounts have gone private. Brock reveals why he feels this is becoming a trend and whether or not it’s something you should do, too.

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You’ll find out:

  • Details on our 5 Day Growth Challenge
  • The kind of IG account Brock least recommends
  • What goes into having a Private account
  • Why posts on Private accounts tend to get re-shared
  • The capabilities missing from a general Public account
  • The type of account Brock recommends if you’re a solopreneur or just starting your biz
  • Why Brock suggests a Business account — above all — for anyone trying to grow their brand and/or grow their following on IG
  • How to switch your account to Business
  • The benefits of having a Business account
  • The truth behind IG hurting your analytics when switching to a Business account



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