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While it’s not CarSmart Friday, I decided to record this episode behind the wheel. Why? Well, my home is full of large humans and, frankly, I was tired of locking myself up in the bedroom. Can you relate to all the disruptions and your whole daily routine turned upside down? I’m guessing… yes! So, I thought this would be the ideal time to play catch up! You’ll hear what’s going on at the Johnsons and how lockdown-life is affecting me, personally. I’ll also share an update on all the changes soon coming to the 131 Method program!



You’ll hear…

  • The 411 on my next pod
  • Why me and my podcast peeps get each other
  • What’s good about sticking to my routine and what’s not
  • Why I didn’t do my workout first thing in the morning today
  • The research behind 131 Method’s sister program
  • Added diet phases included in this new program
  • How and why Bret, my husband, is missing me — even though we’re always together
  • How the structure to Marketing Impact Academy changed to reflect current times
  • Why it’s okay to complain about the “little things” right now
  • My video recommendation for you
  • What I’m most looking forward to after lockdown



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