When Your Kids Move Out | How to Prepare, Cope and Learn to Thrive

When you brought that little bundle of joy home from the hospital, you knew one day they would fly the coop. Why did it have to happen so fast, though? Sure, good parents understand their role is to raise kids to be independent, self-sufficient adults. And, ultimately, live their own life! But — why is it so painful and when does it get easier? 

Whether you’re sending your first born off to college or the baby of the family moves into their own place just a few miles away, the loss of what once was is real. 

So today, I share tips to prepare yourself (well in advance) for empty nest syndrome and, also, provide coping strategies if you’re currently in the thick of a post-parent identity crisis.


You’ll find out:

  • Situations that can make empty nest syndrome more challenging
  • How empty nest syndrome can result in ambiguous grief
  • My own experience with sadness setting in re: Brock moving out
  • Why I was determined not to let Brock see how sad I was
  • How I coped with Brock leaving
  • The importance of planning (for your child leaving) beforehand
  • Why it’s crucial not to lean on your child for emotional support
  • How to keep structure in place after the kids leave
  • My thoughts on growth happening throughout your whole life
  • Why you must go to marriage counseling and ensure your relationship is strong NOW and not wait for the children to leave
  • The perks of being an empty nester
  •  How Bret and I are basking in the glow of no more kids at home


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