Podcast – Why Instagram Hashtags Matter with Brock Johnson

Hashtags can be one of the most effective ways to organically reach a new audience! And, most especially, if that audience is niche and very targeted. This is when you have total control — as you’ll be able to completely dictate who’s going to see your posts (based off the hashtags you apply to them). But how? In this episode, Brock will give you his tips and strategies when it comes to using hashtags to attract the specific audience you desire!


You’ll learn…

  • What Brock did to change the branding on his IG after High School
  • The 1st thing you should do with your Instagram (before considering hashtags)
  • Where should hashtags live on your feed
  • How many hashtags you should have
  • How specific should your hashtags be
  • How varying your hashtags should be per individual post
  • A mind-blowing trick to access your pre-determined list of hashtags immediately
  • Statistics on the benefits of hashtags



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