Why Social Media Isn’t Working

Dude, don’t go anywhere, pay attention this is going to blow your mind. What most people are telling you to do in social media right now is basically driving you around and around in a circle. I want you to stop wasting time and money. My name is Chalene Johnson, I’m a New York Times best selling author of the book Push and I’m also the creator of the marketing impact academy. I wanted to talk to you today because I know that you want this to work, your business, your bright idea, that passive income idea that you’ve got just spinning around in your head and you’ve been trying to do things in social media. I need you to know that when most people are teaching unfortunately is going to waste time and money, and I don’t want you to do that. I’ve built several businesses. Basically you can call me a serial entrepreneur. One of my most successful businesses I built with my husband. It took us almost nine years to get it to the point where it was successful enough to call it a successful business and ultimately sell that business.


We’ve also had the opportunity to do infomercials. Now, the business that we build took us, as I mentioned, almost eight to nine years to build, to call that a success. Our infomercial, within less than a years time we had a smash hit on our hands. Success, quick success and quick failure. My second infomercial, the follow up to my first one, I figured like, “Dude, I got this. I know the formula now. I’ve got this great partner. I’m going to put together an incredible program.” I did. I put together an awesome program that solved a problem for people who wanted to loose body fat, for people who wanted to learn how to do strength training. The program was amazing. The infomercial did not work.


That was a real eye-opening experience for me, because number one, I knew the formula, but there were so many variables I couldn’t control. I had a partner, there were some changes in the market, changes in the way people view television and infomercials. There were so many other variables like production, and just a lot of things that because it wasn’t my business anymore, I couldn’t control it. I got to tell you, having that first hit was such a shot in the arm. It was an amazing opportunity for me to realize, “Okay, now I’ve got to build something that I can control myself. I need to build something where I can actually reach people, like an email list.”


I also wanted to do something other than fitness. I mean, I love fitness, but it’s like this much of who I am. What I really love doing is figuring things out and then sharing my answers. I’m so, so passionate about teaching people, and especially people who want to be successful entrepreneurs. I basically re-branded myself, started from scratch, zero social media, and creating basically a whole new image and brand, helping people build their businesses online. That’s what I’ve been doing. For the last four-and-a-half years, my company, Team Johnson, we have focused on helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses and enjoy their lives. We’ve been teaching people how to build an email list, because that’s huge. All this running around in circles in social media and sending people to another social media site, to another site, “Hey, follow me on Twitter. Hey, maybe you should follow me on YouTube? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram,” is sending people in a circle, but never directly to a place where you can build a relationship with them.


I saw that as an opportunity to really help people, and that’s what we did. We built our own email list and started serving entrepreneurs. Ultimately, I started teaching other people how to do that same thing, build an email list. It’s been incredibly successful. We’ve helped many people build incredibly successful businesses by building their email list. The one thing I couldn’t give to people was that shot in the arm. Right? That infomercial, let’s be honest, that gave me a nice little nest egg to be able to take the time that it requires to re-brand and to rebuild, and to basically build an email list. The reason why I had to make this video for you today, and the reason why I’m so excited is because everything has changed. This is so exciting.


In the last three months, things have basically been turned upside down, on their head, and now you have the incredible opportunity to get that shot in the arm. “What in the world are you talking about, lady?” I’ll tell you what I’m talking about. You need a list. You need a way to reach customers. You need a way to serve people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could build that, and at the same time build your income? Well, you can. Think about it. TV has been the holy grail, right? That’s why everyone’s always saying to me, “Infomercial. How did you gen an infomercial? I’d like to get an infomercial.” You see, TV isn’t where our attention is anymore, is it? Our attention is firmly focused on our phones, on our devices.


Check this out, Cisco Visuals estimates that eighty to ninety-percent of social traffic, by the year 2019, will be offered through streaming video. That means on your phone. TV is thought of as the holy grail. I had this awesome opportunity this year to do an appearance on the Kelly and Michael Show. I was so stoked. That’s prime time, and I love them, and that’s my typical viewer, that would be my customer. I did that appearance. It was an amazing opportunity. Not only was it just that appearance, but it ended up being the viewer clip of the year. It kept getting publicity. Would you like to know what that did for my sales? What that did to traffic to my website? Nothing.


It was really fun, and super cool, and I enjoyed myself, but it didn’t do anything for my business. I think so many people get caught up in doing publicity and TV and getting lots of followers in social media. The bottom line is when you go live, and you have control over the platform, let me tell you what we were able to do in just one live streaming broadcast on a free app. Think about it. Go on Kelly and Michael, prime time TV, zero sales. Go on one free app from the privacy of my home, and I did a hundred-thousand dollars in sales, without selling. I don’t want to sell. Do you want to sell? I don’t want to sell and I don’t want to be sold to. I do want to hear from someone if they’ve got a solution, and I want them to explain it to me. I want to understand how that would help me. If I know it’s going to help me, and if I know I can trust them, then tell me where to sign up. That’s all you need to do.


You see, selling doesn’t work anymore. We want things to be explained to us. We want people to help us understand how to do something. Then, we’ll decide for ourselves if, in fact, this is going to help us, and if I like and trust you. That’s what you have the opportunity to do now because of live streaming. In the last six to eight months, you’ve probably noticed that big social media platforms have started to offer live streaming video. Well, a lot of social media platforms have been offering video. What’s different about live? It draws us in. We love live video. You know why? Because you can’t edit it, you can’t hide who you are, you can’t chop things up and make yourself look funnier or more articulate or anything other than you are. It’s real. We are dying for that. We want to know, “Are you trying to sell me something? Who are you? Who are you really?”


There’s something about live that anything could happen. When it does, and things go wrong, I’m going to know who you are. I’m going to know if I like you, and I’m going to know if I trust you, and I’m going to know if you really, truly are a caring, honest person. We’re good at this. We’re good at looking in people’s eyes and going, “Please.” Right? Or, looking at someone and just hearing thirty seconds of this story, and you’re like, “I know who this person is. I totally connect with them. I understand the way they talk. I get them, and I like them.” That happens so powerfully with live video. Big social media opportunities have suddenly become available to all of us with live streaming like Periscope and Blab and Facebook Live and YouTube Live.


I started watching what was happening, and for the first time in the last five years I’ve been doing this, I’m like, “Oh my gosh. This is amazing.” Here’s what I started seeing happening. I would tune in on people’s broadcasts, and hear them talking about something they had figured out, and then basically explaining how they had created a solution, or how they had worked through a challenging problem, or how they wanted to help other people, and just spending time live on camera and maybe answering questions, but it was live. Then, in just a few conversation and comments back and forth in that one live video, saying, “Hey, you know, you guys, yeah actually, I have this thing if you want it. You can check it out.”


In fact, one broadcast that I watched, gal named Nicole. I was watching her tell her story about how she was working full time in corporate America, and how she had figured out as one of their top sales people, there’s a methodology to this, and that everybody who was watching on that live streaming could really apply what she had learned in corporate America to whatever it was that they were selling. She offered, in that live broadcast, a webinar. I think it was priced around twelve dollars. She sold eleven-thousand dollars in just three weeks time by talking to people about this solution. I watched example after example of people doing this, where she wasn’t sending people to an opt-in list, or a sales page. She was on video.


Let me show you what this is. I’m going to show you exactly what this is so you can understand how this is going to work for you. In the past, knowing that we need an email list so that we can reach out to our customers when we want to and create that relationship, we’ve had to offer them something for free. Right? Maybe a webinar? These are what people call lead magnets or a freemium. Maybe an audio training program, or a series of videos? Or, perhaps, just even a checklist? A PDF if you will. Suddenly, here I am watching what’s happening and live streaming and noticing this person, without much of a social media following, is spending fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes, kind of like an infomercial, explaining who they are and how it is that they’ve got through a difficult or challenging time, and then offering people and introductory, or a baby offer if you will. Then, without a website, or an email opt-in, or anything, just going from live video, to offer, to sales, and bypassing all of these steps.


I watched it happen over and over and over again. Another example I wanted to share with you is Dr. [Micaela 00:11:41]. She’s a graduate of the Marketing Impact Academy. She’s gone through our trainings and had that system in place, has freemiums and great lead magnets. We’re building her email list, sending people to webinars and driving traffic to a sales page. It was working, but as with most entrepreneurs who aren’t … You know, tech isn’t our first talent. Things started to break down. She needed to have her website redesigned, and things just stopped working, links and connections. She didn’t have the team in place to get things moving as quickly as she would like. What’d she do? She created an introductory offer. She went live on video, on a social media platform, and offered to people a nineteen-dollar, introductory program, and in just one hour’s time, did over a thousand dollars worth of sales, got her business up an rolling again.


You see, there’s an opportunity, same thing, exact same thing. We have somebody who’s spending time, thirty minutes, on a live streaming platform. That first broadcast that she did, she had less than two-hundred twenty-five people on, offered them a nineteen-dollar program, didn’t even send them to a sales page. She sent them to a checkout page and immediately was able to create sales. Why is this happening? For the same reason it works on infomercial. Think about when you’ve watched infomercials. I know you’ve watched them on TV, late nights, and you tune in and you spend time watching, and you think to yourself, “I don’t need this. What is this?” The next thing you know, you’re listening, and you’re hearing a solution to your problem. You’re getting to know that person, and you’re making an assessment on whether this will work for you.


You don’t then have to opt-in to a lead magnet, or spend six months on somebody’s email list. You pull out your credit card and you buy. That’s what’s happening in live broadcasting, because now, even with a very small market, I’ve watched the conversion rate as a high as over fifty-percent. I want to share with you another example, Kim. Now, Kim had been working with an agency that helped other businesses build their social media, figure out how to leverage social media. She knows social media, but she had never created anything of her own. Didn’t want to go on camera, didn’t want to be the front man, didn’t want to be the person who everyone was looking at. Felt a little uncomfortable, in fact, doing that. She saw an opportunity to help other people figure out other businesses, how to figure out how they leverage social media themselves.


What did she do? She went to a platform where there was live streaming. She created a product in less than a week’s time. Just a video course. Went on live, explained to people her introductory offer, and in her first broadcast, did over thirteen-thousand dollars in sales. Guess what else that does? It builds her email list. You see, this process, which is so amazing, and why I love it, is because it allows people to start building an email list and a platform, but build their income at the same time. Until recently, we couldn’t do that. People just had to be very persistent, and patient, and create freemiums, and create lead magnets, and piece all these things together to figure out if, and when, and what people might want to buy from you. Does it work? Yes. Was it difficult? Sure. Now, because of what’s happened in the evolution of social media, and what we’re paying attention to, think about what you watch. You love live video. We love live.


Because of that, people are able to go from a cold market, like you’ve never seen this person before, you don’t know them, you have no idea who they are, and in like thirty-seconds or a minute, you’re like, “Oh, okay. I see you. I see who you are.” You go from that cold, to warm, to, “I kind of like this person, they remind me of me.” Or, “They remind me of my friend.” Or, “I see something that we have in common. I trust them.” We’re talking about that relationship gets expedited in one broadcast, in one social media touch, versus what we’ve had to do in the past, which is make contact with content, and provide value, and hope the people will opt into a lead magnet and a freemium, and then maybe they’ll get on our email list, and then maybe we can keep giving them free content, and then maybe, just maybe, they’ll become a customer? Hopefully, a lifer. You literally get to start with the very best part of business, and that’s amazing.


It almost seems too good to be true. It’s the most delicious part of a business is when you’re actually making sales. Here’s the problem, it is the most delicious part, but you’ve got to be careful, because if you don’t have the part that sustains the business, it’s got to be more than just the frosting. This works, but you have to know what to say when you’re on video. You have to know what it is you’re going to offer. How should you price your introductory offer? What should you even offer people? What do people want from you? Then, if this is what you’re basing your business on, what if that social media platform should change? I mean, we all know like Facebook changes on the daily, so does Instagram. All of them are constantly changing and updating. How do you create a business around just this formula?


Well, I’m here to tell you, this works. This creates income for people fast, but it’s not the only solution. What I’m going to show you is how you can do this, how you can begin to build a list and income at the same time, but more importantly, have the most important part, which is the base to your cupcake, because it’s all delicious, but we have to make sure we do things in the right order, and that you’ve got a business that can sustain. I have a call to action for you. I want to let you know, first and foremost, you can ask anyone, or Tween your friends, anywhere in social media, we open up the Marketing Impact Academy once a year. Once a year for less than a week. We sell out every year. Every year we get repeated people saying, “Can I get in now? I missed it. I didn’t hear about it in time.” I want you to know that we’re opening up registration on Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday. Mark your calendars, because that’s it. That’s when we open.


It’s also on Monday that I’m going to explain to you exactly the formula, the recipe if you will, to make sure that this lands. If you’re going to do live streaming, it’s not as simple as hitting record or start broadcast. Now, I’ve got a call to action for you, that I’d like for you to do before we meet again on Monday, and it’s this. Go to the big guy, Facebook. Now, you’re going to need to do this from your phone, because currently, the only place that you can broadcast is your phone, like life revolves around your phone. You’re going to check it out and see, are you able to broadcast if you have a like page or a business page? Are you able to broadcast from it? Now, you’ll see that there’s a little icon that’ll tell you if you can do that or not.


Now, if you can’t do that on a like page, or a business page, check your profile page. Maybe you can do it from your profile page. I want to know what the story is, because social media is changing everyday. Haven’t you noticed? Some people were able to broadcast a week ago, and now they think it’s disappeared. I’m going to explain all of that next, but I need to know what’s happening on your Facebook. Leave me a comment, “I have it.” Then, tell me where. Do have it on your profile and your business? Or, just your profile? Then, this is like bonus points, for those of you who are like super bold, I want to see your video. I triple dog dare you to go live. If you have the ability to broadcast live, I want you to make a video. You can title it Chelene Made Me Do It. Then, at me so I see it. @ChaleneJohnson Made Me Do It.


Then, what do you say in your first live video? I’ll tell you. You say, “Hi. Chelene Johnson made me do it. My name is,” then you tell them your name. Tell them what you do. Tell the a little bit about what you’re passions include, and what you love to help people with, and perhaps, let people know what they can expect to see on your Facebook page. Then, end it. It’s like that fast. You won’t die. Then, brag about it. Say, “I did it. I posted a live video.” I will see you back here on Monday. Don’t forget to mark your calendar. Don’t forget to leave me a comment so I know what’s happening in your social media, on your Facebook. Lastly, don’t forget, that sharing is caring.


If you have a friend who’s also building a business online, be sure to let them know. This episode of the Chelene Show is a special episode brought to you by MarketingImpactAcademy.com. It’s an online school that we open up registration to just once a year. If you want to build a better online business, if you don’t want to be a slave to your laptop or your phone, or to feel like you’re constantly on social media, if you don’t want to waste a ton of money developing websites or spending money on SEO experts, I invite you to check out MarketingImpactAcademy.com. If we have already closed registration by the time you hear this message, don’t worry, we’ll put you on our list, and you’ll be first to be notified when we open up registration next year. To learn more and to take advantage of my free teaching videos, go to MarketingImpactAcademy.com, and of course, I’ll include a link in my show notes.



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