Podcast – Why Some People Don’t Like You

Today, I’m talking about why certain people you really like don’t like you back. And, to be clear, this isn’t about your high school crush or someone you dated a couple of times. But rather, those people in our lives — e.g., within a circle of friends or network, your line of work, acquaintances, etc. — who you think are amazing. You’d like to be more connected and just get to know them better! But, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t feel as if they feel the same way.


You’ll find out…

  • Why people stopped writing reviews for The Chalene Show
  • How fear plays a role in not attracting others
  • How you may be trying too hard but don’t realize it
  • How feeling rejected can play out in DMs
  • Why you must think about who you are (and how you behave) around certain people
  • The importance of asking those you’re close with how you behave around others.
  • What often happens in YOU when you’re around people you’re drawn to
  • The most attractive thing that you can do when hanging out with others
  • Replies to my poll on Instagram where I asked, “When you’re meeting new people, what qualities do you pick up on immediately that you find very unattractive?”
  • A surprising common trait my followers find unattractive in others (with a personal anecdote that relates)
  • Why and how showboating can be both a turn off and turn on
  • How low energy might be affecting your potential relationships
  • My objective this year with people I meet and/or already know
  • What topic of conversation has me go radio silent
  • Breaking down what it means to be disagreeable



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