Your Instagram Questions Answered

Brock asked his audience on Instagram if they had questions in relation to the platform. Well, he received hundreds of replies!

So today, Brock answers the most common questions sent his way. Because they cover just about every topic imaginable, there’s no doubt you will have many of YOUR Instagram questions answered in this episode, too — helping you to become more successful in your social media growth!


You’ll find out:

  • Should your IG handle be your name?
  • Why carousels and photo posts aren’t getting as much engagement as they once did
  • How to post videos to Stories
  • The content that should live on your Stories
  • Do all comments matter on IG?
  • Engagement on weekends vs weekdays
  • Should Reels be shared to the feed only or Reels tab only or both
  • Why you may not have certain features but your friends do
  • The most underutilized (yet important) feature
  • Thoughts on buying followers
  • Posting at different times of the day
  • Should you delete ghost followers?
  • Trending audios vs original content (with your own voice)
  • How to choose between Instagram and TikTok
  • Reels bonuses
  • What does Brock find challenging about being a content creator
  • Will you hear back from IG support?
  • When you should like / respond to comments
  • What is spam liking?
  • Do captions matter?
  • Thoughts on thumbnails for IG videos
  • How to create the habit to post often on Stories




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