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side hustle

Jumpstart your earning
potential in just 5 days

Chalene & Brock teach the art of reselling and expose you to 
several other side hustle opportunities to get you earning fast.
No time? No funds? No problem! You just need this mini
course and a positive attitude.

Instagram growth


Expand your brand on Instagram

Take a deep dive into all things IG with us! This training 
will teach you how to optimize your profile, get more followers, boost engagement, deploy a proven hashtag
strategy, and finally how to master the algorithm.

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join the "lifer" inner circle

This Patreon is for listeners (and lovers) of The Chalene Show. You get ad-free episodes with your membership, in addition to bonus content that’s super personal, juicy and dives deep into topics that are too private for the regular public. Check out the two tiers now!

Things Are Getting Serious...


The Ultimate IG Blueprint

Get real followers, real engagement, real results, real
fast. ICH is an online community created for those
who are truly ready to level up their online presence
and sales. Stop the struggle and get the coaching and accountability you need to make money on IG.

With 2 monthly lives, countless tutorials, Q&A and the latest breaking trends, this membership is a no-brainer.

online income
quick start

Make Money In 7 days or less

Create a reliable stream of income by dedicating just 15
minutes a day, and zero start-up cost.

With this comprehensive 5-module course, we’ll help
you discover your business opportunity and get you
selling online STAT!

I Ain't

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how to hire

Secure Your Support System

Knowing how to hire well is an essential part of
growing your business. This on-the-go course
will guide you through this crucial process, from
where, how and when to hire. Get peace of
mind and freedom of your time.

MIA: Marketing
impact academy

Get Going, Get Growing

MIA is a step-by-step virtual academy with the world’s greatest
business experts to help you with every step of creating and
scaling your online business. Unlike courses, this is a lifetime
academy designed to keep the easily distracted focused on the
next right step. A straight line, how-to approach to everything
you need to know, from inception to expansion.


Real Success Stories From Real People

They slayed it.
So can you.

Tami Hedrick

The Side Hustle Challenge is unreal!

This was NEW to me! It works! I’m so motivated to keep going.”

Sonia Sovran

“This Declutter Project experience has created space in my life.

I’ve also let go of the scarcity mindset.

Christine Dwyer

“I made $415 yesterday with two sales! Your “junk” is someone else’s treasure. Thanks Side Hustle Challenge!”

Jenika Bishop

“I’ve posted 269 items and made $2,600 so far with my new side hustle!”

Tiffany Lee Bymaster

“MIA played an instrumental part in helping me create an entirely new business from scratch that generates over 7-figures annually, and more importantly, positively impacts thousands.”

Keenya Kelly

“This program has been absolutely amazing. I felt like I knew a little bit about building a business and making money on social media, but as a result of joining the program, I realized how much I did not know and how much I was working overtime.”

Dy Ann Parham

“This year, I have developed four digital online courses that are now the primary income earner for our family and I’ve gone on to develop six other income streams for our family as well thanks to MIA.”

Diane Bleck

“I was creating YouTube videos around my 
passion, which is
doodling, but I didn’t have a formal plan for how to grow it into a business. Thanks to Marketing Impact Academy, I learned
how to create baby offers, so I could build an
email list of
my ideal customers, build courses
 and create a social
media strategy and a
team to support my growth.
Since joining MIA, I’ve paid off over
$125,000 worth of
debt, I have 5,000
students online.
I’ve been named one
of the top 100 women to watch on Twitter, as well as the top 50 online courses for creativity, and I’m writing my 8th book!”

Carolynne Harvey

“Since MIA I’ve exceeded 6-figure sales, become a spokesperson for 3 national brands, published a book and created an online course.”

Sean Cannell

“What I learned in MIA was that I wasn’t doing the right things, or in the right order. Chalene is one of the best teachers in the world to make you a better entrepreneur and more valuable employee.”

Tami Hedrick

Sonia Sovran

Christine Dwyer

Jenika Bishop

Tiffany Lee Bymaster

Keenya Kelly

Dy Ann Parham

Diane Bleck

Carolynne Harvey

Sean Cannell

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