4 Bedtime Routines to Ensure Successful Mornings

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Drumroll, please! 🥁 Successful people have a morning routine!

That’s why this post is all about how to “successorize” your evening routine to supercharge that “miracle morning” of yours. That’s right, you don’t just wake up and become Beyoncé—well, unless you’re Beyoncé. But for the rest of us, success starts the night before.

We often underestimate how much the night before affects the success of our next day. It’s like thinking you can win a marathon without stretching first. So before you hit the sheets, I’ve got some tips to set you up for a win as soon as that alarm buzzes. And folks, you’re gonna want to listen to the full episode to get all my little nuggets of wisdom.

The Secret Evening Routine to Make Your Mornings Shine

Let’s face it, Google is flooded with posts on morning rituals. But how often do we talk about the prep work that goes into making those mornings even possible? After years of being ‘not-a-morning-person,’ I learned that a great morning starts with a thoughtful evening. So I’m sharing my bedtime hacks with you—simple and practical steps to make sure your mornings are as successful as a SpaceX launch.

Here are four tips to set up your win the night before—bedtime rituals that are so easy, you can start implementing them tonight. Get ready to successorize your day, every day.


Tip #1: Establish your agenda the night before.

How to Build a Nighttime Agenda That Complements Your Morning Routine

Establish your agenda the night before and make it impossible to ignore. For me, that’s my PUSH Journal. Maybe for you, it’s a Post-it note or even your smartphone. But, let me tell you, phones these days are the epicenter of distractions. That’s why I suggest using a physical trigger.

The Power of Visual Cues in Your Evening Rituals

So what do I do? I place my journal right across my bathroom sink, ensuring that it becomes a visual cue I can’t sidestep. The goal here is to anchor this journal to an existing morning routine—brushing my teeth. The journal’s placement forces me to reckon with my day’s agenda. I either have to physically move the journal aside, essentially ignoring my plan for the day, or pick it up to jot down or review a few things.

Why Your Brain Needs This Routine for Better Sleep

Now here’s the part that really ups the ante: this isn’t just about having a plan. It’s about giving my brain some much-needed downtime. I use the opposite page in my journal for a quick brain dump, jotting down any thoughts, to-dos, and can’t-forget tasks for the next day. Let me tell you, that act alone frees up so much mental space. Instead of bouncing around my brain all night, these thoughts are on paper, allowing my brain to truly relax. It’s like telling my mind, “Hey, you can clock out; I’ve got this covered.” And, you know what? That simple routine not only sets me up for a more productive day but also for a better night’s sleep. Talk about a win-win!

Chalene Johnson bedtime routine quote: "So many people don't they don't have the choice to exercise in the way that many of us do. And it is it is a gift. So honor it."

Tip #2: Give yourself something to be excited about.

The Excitement Factor: Planning for Morning Enjoyment

Ready for a game-changing morning routine tip? Pick something the night before that you’re excited to wake up to. For many of us—myself included—that’s a podcast or audiobook geared towards personal development. You know, make it concrete. Be specific. The excitement starts the night before when you pinpoint what’s going to get your gears turning first thing in the morning.

A Tailored Approach to Evening Habits and Morning Bliss

And hey, this doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Maybe it’s a special breakfast you’ve planned or a playlist you’ve queued up. The idea is to decide on it the night before, so you hit the sheets already buzzed about the next day. Committing to this single habit? You’re looking at some life-changing shifts in your mindset and overall well-being in just a month. Start your day with intention, and watch how it transforms your life.


Chalene Johnson morning routine quote: "75% of us are walking around chronically dehydrated. If you want better skin, a happier gut, a healthier body, more radiant energy, you need more water."


Tip #3: Prep your hydration by filling your water bottle the evening prior.

How to Supercharge Your Hydration Routine

Okay, who here has struggled with drinking enough water? 🙋‍♀️ Yup, we’ve all been there. But I’ve got an awesome hack for you—prep your water bottles the night before. Look, this isn’t just a morning game-changer; it sets you up for a full-on, rock-your-world kind of day. Here’s how it works: snag those fancy insulated water bottles you’ve been eyeing—the ones that keep your water ice-cold for up to 24 hours. Fill ’em up at night, so you’re not scrambling in the morning or trying to gauge how much water you’ve really had through the day.

Oh, and get this: give each bottle a unique look or color to make tracking your daily intake a breeze. That way, you know exactly how much you’ve had and how much you’ve got left. Think of it as a built-in accountability buddy. Place one next to your day planner on the sink to chug down as you get your day rolling. As for the rest, stash them somewhere you’ll easily spot throughout the day. This method isn’t just about kicking that soda addiction or just increasing your water intake; it’s a full-on lifestyle upgrade that can do wonders for your skin, digestion, and overall well-being. Try it for a month and prepare to be amazed. 🌟


Chalene Johnson night routine quote: "I didn't just get rid of an old bad habit. I created a new healthy habit by developing a system"


Tip #4: Plan early-morning exercise in advance to kickstart your day’s productivity.

Exercise: The Last Piece of Your Evening Ritual

Now let’s chew on the idea of scheduling your workout for first thing in the morning. I get it—maybe you’re not a morning person, or your job has you clocking in at ungodly hours. If that’s the case, cool, don’t sweat it. Sleep is numero uno on the priority list; you absolutely don’t want to skimp on that. However, for those of you who have a little wiggle room in your morning routine, why not take advantage of it? Studies have got our backs here—they reveal that morning exercisers are generally more consistent and boast higher energy levels, not to mention being productivity wizards. Plus, you know that brain-derived neurotrophic factor we mentioned in a previous episode? It’s like Miracle-Gro for your brain, connecting all those synapses, leveling up your patience, boosting your confidence—you name it. And when do you need all that mojo? During your workday, baby!

Tailoring the Routine: Tips for Exercise Planning

So if you can swing it, try aiming for that early morning workout. And hey, it doesn’t have to be a full-on triathlon at dawn; even simple activities that elevate your heart rate can make a significant difference. Think a 30-minute brisk walk, some strength training, or even just doing a handful of push-ups. It’s not about breaking personal records; it’s about waking up your body and mind to tackle the day ahead. But if you’re still like, “Nope, morning workouts aren’t my jam,” that’s totally okay! You can still get those physiological, emotional, and mental benefits by exercising later. But let’s get one thing straight: plan that workout the night before. And don’t just pencil it in; get specific about what you’re going to do—whether that’s a cardio session, a strength training class, or a chill power walk with a friend. The point is, when you’re intentional about it, your brain starts to visualize and prepare, making it way more likely that you’ll follow through. Exercise isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s your lifeblood, your soul fuel. So treat it with the respect it deserves, and let those blessings pour in.


And there you have it—four actionable steps to elevate your mornings and set the stage for a successful day. 

To summarize, here are my top tips for creating a bedtime routine that ensures a successful morning:
  • Tip #1: Establish your agenda the night before.
  • Tip #2: Give yourself something to be excited about.
  • Tip #3: Prep your hydration by filling your water bottle the evening prior.
  • Tip #4: Plan early-morning exercise in advance to kickstart your day’s productivity.


It’s not rocket science; it’s about building systems that work seamlessly with your life. These are tiny changes you can start making tonight, whether it’s laying out your day planner on your bathroom sink or deciding which podcast will be your morning pick-me-up. The point is to make it effortless for you, so you’re not overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks each day. Trust me, these small preparations will pay off big time.

But here’s the kicker: I’m challenging you to try these tips for just one week. Seven days to a revamped morning routine—why not, right? 

I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on how it goes. You can hit me up with a voice message on my website or slide into my DMs on Instagram. Heck, I might even feature some of your feedback on a future episode of The Chalene Show. I’m already stoked to hear how it transforms your mornings, ’cause let’s face it—you’re already incredible. Imagine what happens when you take it up another notch! 

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Don’t miss episode #273 of The Chalene Show, where I dig even deeper into these game-changing bedtime routine tips that have seriously upped my productivity and overall well-being. Catch you there!


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