CarSmart Lifer Update | Dental Drama, Bret’s Tattoos, Bret’s New Thoughts On Being Late and Men In Thongs

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Get ready for a rollercoaster ride in this edition of CarSmart Lifer Update where I’m diving into the real and raw aspects of life. We’re tackling my latest dental drama, revealing our exciting plans to move to Miami, and giving you a sneak peek into Bret’s new tattoos – each one a story in itself.

In a candid conversation, Bret and I explore the chaos and comedy of being late. Plus, there’s a quirky twist as we delve into a surprising locker room trend: men in thong underwear! Read on and listen to the podcast below for the full experience.

Navigating Dental Dilemmas

I want to dive into a topic that’s been a significant part of my recent life – dental health. Believe it or not, my teeth have been giving me a hard time. I’ve been dealing with tooth resorption, a condition where the tooth starts to be absorbed back into the body from the inside. It’s as crazy as it sounds!

What’s more alarming is that many of us overlook the importance of dental health. Did you know that over 70% of the population doesn’t have dental insurance, yet the same percentage had some form of dental care last year? This reveals a huge gap in our healthcare system. Dental emergencies like extractions or implants can be ridiculously expensive, and most of us aren’t prepared for these unforeseen expenses. I’ve been pondering how we can address this challenge, as dental health is crucial for our overall well-being.

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Bret’s Artistic Expression Through Tattoos

Switching gears, let’s talk about Bret’s latest passion – tattoos! He recently got some new ink, and I must say, it adds an edgy, artistic flair to his personality. It’s fascinating to see how he’s embracing his individuality through these artistic expressions. Each of his tattoos symbolizes something meaningful, particularly about our family, which is so heartwarming.

Chalene Johnson carsmart quote - tattoo

Redefining Time: Bret’s Perspective on Being Late

Another intriguing development in our lives is Bret’s evolving attitude towards time and punctuality. For the longest time, being late for any event would throw him off. However, recently, after a particular incident where we were late to a basketball game, we had a deep conversation about the significance of time and how we respond to it. Bret’s new philosophy is enlightening – he’s learning to be more relaxed and accepting that sometimes, being late is just part of life. This change has brought a new sense of calm and connection in our relationship.

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The Locker Room Chronicles: Men and Their Fashion Choices

Let’s touch on something a bit more lighthearted – men’s fashion choices in locker rooms. Recently, Bret shared an amusing observation about the prevalence of thong underwear among men in certain health clubs. This sparked a hilarious and curious discussion among us and our friends about men’s fashion trends, preferences, and the cultural shifts surrounding them.

🧘 Tap Into Your Inner Resources 🧘

As we wrap up, I want to encourage you to dive deeper into these topics and more. For a richer experience, listen to episode #1047 of The Chalene Show here.

Let’s continue to explore life’s quirks, health, and wellness together. Remember, embracing life’s unpredictability is a journey best shared with friends and loved ones. 

Stay positive, stay curious, and let’s keep having those deep, meaningful conversations that enrich our lives! 🌟💬💕


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