Late Night Exercise, Sleep Tools and Talking to Strangers

You know those nights when the stars just seem to align? It’s like the universe is gifting  nuggets of wisdom when you have spontaneous conversations with strangers or a great dream. This happened to me just the other day, and y’all, it’s got me rethinking some aspects of my daily routine. But first, let me tell you about a chance encounter that totally re-energized my perspective on evening exercise.

The Real Perks of Exercising Under the Stars

I was heading out of a restaurant after an all-day event, when out of nowhere, an older gentleman power-walking through the parking lot caught my eye. He was in full-blown exercise mode, curling some dumbbells as he went. Intrigued, I couldn’t resist rolling down the window to chat. Turns out, his name is Dr. Nagi Saied, an 80-year-old physician with a two-hour daily workout routine. Yup, you read that right.

Dr. Saied spilled some serious life wisdom. He’s taken to late-night exercise now that he’s retired, claiming it frees up his mornings to chill out. We dug into the beauty of slowing down, truly savoring each workout, and, most importantly, opening ourselves up for magical, unplanned moments of connection with others.

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Better Sleep Starts with Tracking

Switching gears for a sec, let’s talk about sleep. I know, not as flashy as impromptu parking lot conversations, but just as vital for your wellbeing. I’ve been trying out this sleep tracking ring called Oura, and y’all, it’s mind-blowing. It doesn’t just clock how long you’re asleep; it gets into the nitty-gritty of REM cycles, deep sleep, and even how many times you toss and turn.

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The High-Tech Road to Dreamland

What’s impressive about the Oura Ring is how it quantifies everything. You get data on how long it takes you to drift off, interruptions in your sleep, heart rate variability, and even body temperature fluctuations. My deep sleep is on point, but I’ve realized my REM sleep needs some love, which has major implications for memory and mental clarity. I’m seeing a new research frontier opening up, particularly when it comes to conditions like Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

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Don’t Rush Past Strangers: The Gift of Connection

Let’s circle back to human interaction for a moment. Conversations like the one I had with Dr. Saied are like a breath of fresh air. We forget that these unexpected encounters can be more than just amusing anecdotes; they’re often full of insightful takeaways. In a world where we’re rushing from one appointment to another, these authentic interactions can nourish our soul and remind us to be present.

Unlock Your True Potential

These experiences reminded me to make the most of each day, whether that’s by tracking sleep to optimize health or slowing down to savor those unexpected, life-changing chats. 


To hear the whole story, listen to episode #692 of The Chalene Show where I delve into all this (and more). Your life is a series of moments; make each one count.

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