Are You Having Enough Sex? with, Dr. Kelly Casperson

One of my favorite guests is back, Dr. Kelly Casperson! Today, Dr. Kelly and I discuss the topic of sex and relationships, including: do hormones play a roll in low libido/low sex drive, how often should you be having sex, what type of help is out there for couples experiencing a sexless relationship and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • How Dr. Kelly defines a sexless marriage (and/or longterm relationship)
  • Why it can get more and more difficult to have frequent sex 
  • Why masturbation is good for you
  • Can you just “jump back in the saddle” after not having sex for a long while?
  • New research on testosterone re: women
  • Testosterone and estrogen replacement therapies
  • Audio and video recommendations for couples therapy



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