Start A Social Media Marketing Agency From Scratch In 2023 with Eddie Cumberbatch

In the episode of Build Your Tribe, Brock sits down with Eddie Cumberbatch, a dynamic 19-year-old college dropout who transformed his life to run a six-figure social media marketing agency, generating an impressive $30k per month.

Eddie shares his unique journey, shedding light on his bold decision to leave traditional education behind and how he navigated the fear and uncertainty that comes with such a choice.

Eddie is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a content creator extraordinaire, renowned for his fast-paced TikTok vlogs. He walks us through a day in his life, revealing his time management secrets and how he maintains a healthy work-life balance while running a thriving business.

Eddie also provides valuable insights into the mechanics of a successful agency, discussing the importance of solid systems and processes and the pivotal role his team plays in his success. Furthermore, he shares his wisdom on what differentiates a good content creator from a bad one, contributing to the ongoing Instagram vs TikTok debate, and exploring where YouTube fits into the mix.

Eddie’s story is a testament to what’s possible when you dare to follow your dreams. He offers heartfelt advice to other young people who may be hesitant to take the leap of faith toward entrepreneurship.

If you’re keen to delve into the world of social media marketing or simply looking for some motivation to kickstart your own entrepreneurial journey, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!



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