Tapping With The Queen of Pink, Gala Darling | Episode 1

Today, I chat it up with Gala Darling, a self-described Tapping Queen and leading expert on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Gala shares her personal journey, how she has used tapping to heal from depression and an eating disorder, and how it has helped thousands unlock their true potential. In addition, you’ll learn the powerful benefits of tapping and how to perform the technique on yourself (to release any negative thoughts or emotions that may be trapped inside). Don’t miss this super insightful, enlightening and empowering conversation that’ll help you release your stuckness!


You’ll find out:

  • How I plan on moving forward with Mondays
  • Gala’s backstory
  • What is tapping?
  • The technique of tapping
  • How long is a tapping session?
  • What is entailed in becoming an EFT practitioner
  • How tapping is similar to meditation
  • The point in which tapping became Gala’s main focus
  • Gala’s first steps in starting her tapping biz
  • Why/how Gala became interested in tapping
  • When Gala began to challenge her limiting thoughts
  • Gala’s journey with her eating disorder
  • Gala’s first experience with tapping
  • How tapping helps us to access our subconscious mind
  • Physical reactions to tapping
  • How Gala’s tapping technique might differ from others
  • How often Gala taps and why
  • What is partner tapping?




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