Podcast – Why is Self-Care So Hard?

We have mislabeled self-care and marketed it in such a way that makes us believe it’s something we — especially women — indulge in. Knowing that many people share this sentiment, I took to Instagram and asked “Why don’t you regularly prioritize self-care?” Today, I’ll reveal some of those answers, my responses to them, and how to redefine/rethink the idea of self-care.


You’ll find out:

  • The #1 reason my followers said they don’t engage in self-care
  • The term I’d like you to use instead self-care
  • What is self-care, for me?
  • How often we should practice self-care
  • Why/how your self-care should have intention
  • The power of putting pen to paper re: self-care
  • Why we’ve defined self-care backward
  • The time I lost my self-care
  • Why/how boundaries are self-care
  • My permission to be intentional about doing things that make you feel good



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