What If You Can’t Exercise

Are you going to gain weight if you can’t work out? Will you lose muscle? Do you need to cut your calories? 

In this episode of The Chalene Show, I explore the emotional and physical challenges people face when they need to pause their exercise routines. Addressing the strong attachment to staying active and its impact, I share my personal journey of navigating unexpected breaks and encourage embracing the hidden benefits of rest. I delve into research on muscle loss after periods of inactivity, highlighting the importance of healing and growth.

I discuss the consequences of prolonged inactivity, including muscle loss and insulin fluctuations, emphasizing muscle’s role in metabolic health. My own shift from intense workouts to walking and strength training demonstrates the positive outcomes of recovery. I also explore energy balance, calorie adjustments, and the importance of not linking food solely to exercise. I empower you to value yourself beyond fitness routines, encouraging engaging activities and sharing personal experiences with exercise interruptions.

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