Secrets to Holiday Magic & Must-Watch Docs | Snapshot

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Hey You! 

This SnapShot is packed with my favorite finds, must-watch shows, and a heartwarming holiday tradition that Bret and I would love to have you put your own spin on. 



This week, I’ve got not one, but three awesome discoveries to share with you! 🌟

First up, let’s talk convenience. I’ve pretty much ditched carrying a purse these days (who needs the extra baggage when you’ve already got a water bottle, Push Journal, headphones, and snacks, right?). Plus with ADHD, the number of bags I have lost, or left behind in a restaurant really makes it a no-win proposition. My solution? A phone case with an attached wallet. 

Vofolen Compatible with iPhone 13 Wallet Case with Credit Card Holder Lanyard Crossbody Strap Leather Magnetic Clasp Kickstand Heavy Duty Protective SquareMONASAY Magwallet Case Compatible for iPhone 15 Pro, [Support MagSafe Wireless Charging][Glass Screen Protector] Flip Magnetic Leather Wallet Phone Cover

I found two types that are game-changers:

  1. This phone case with a detachable strap is a lifesaver for traveling or just bustling around the house. It’s the end of tucking your phone into your bra for safekeeping!
  2. My new love: a magnet wallet phone case. The wallet is attached magnetically, making it super easy to ditch the bulk when you don’t need it (like at the gym). And trust me, the magnet on this thing is strong – no worries about it falling off. Perfect for anyone who, like me, might be a bit forgetful with their belongings.

towel rack for leggings

And my 3rd favorite is for my fellow leggings lovers. I’ve shared this on my Instagram stories before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I use towel racks to organize my leggings! It’s such a clever way to keep them visible and organized. No more forgetting about that cute blue pair buried under the black pairs, and no more accidental duplicate buys. It’s a game-changer for organizing (and saving some bucks)!



I’ve got two suggestions for you – one is a wild ride into the world of cults, and the other is a delightful escape into romance.

Love Has Won – The Cult of Mother God (HBO):

Holy guacamole, folks! Brace yourselves for a crazy, drug and alcohol-fueled journey into the world of cult madness. You know I can’t resist a good cult documentary, and this one is a roller coaster. It kicks off with police discovering cult members living with their deceased leader’s body, decked out in glitter, colorful blankets, and wrapped in Christmas lights. This three-part series takes us back in time, unraveling the mystery of who this woman was, how she met her end, and why seemingly normal people get drawn into such bizarre cults. Bret couldn’t stand it, but I was hooked in a “can’t-look-away” kind of way.

Paris in Love Season 2 (Peacock):

Now, for a palate cleanser after that intense watch, I turned to Paris in Love Season 2. While I expected it to be deliciously mind-numbing, I also found myself riveted by the relatable challenges the Hilton family has around communication. I know this doesn’t sound possible but I’m telling you, this docu-series is way more than a superficial glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  

The season opens with Paris heading to the hospital for the birth of her first son, whose arrival she kept a secret from EVERYONE including Mom, Kathy, and her best friend/sister Nikki. 

We learn the baby is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many secrets Paris has been keeping from her family, and why she did that.

If you’ve ever struggled to have honest conversations with family, an impossible-to-please parent, or bonding with your child, you’ll actually love the realness of this one. 

I really wanna give Paris a hug and tell Kathy to check her ego!!! Grrrr. 

I think you’ll find the relationship Paris has with her new baby equally fascinating 😳. Can someone say generational patterns??



This Week on The Chalene Show:

Looking for a way to switch up your usual holiday routine? Bret and I have something we’ve been doing for years, and it’s absolutely transformed the way we see and celebrate the holidays. We call it our “10 Envelopes” tradition.

This simple activity has been a part of our family for over a decade. Each one of us, including our kids, writes a letter to a stranger, adding a personal touch or a small gift – it could be anything from a kind word to a cash gift. The idea is to make someone feel seen, appreciated, and loved, especially during the hustle and bustle of the festive season.

It’s not always easy, though. In the beginning, it felt a bit awkward, especially for the kids. But with time, it’s become something we all look forward to. 

What’s truly amazing is how these small acts of kindness can ripple out. Like last year, our experience at the airport was nothing short of magical. The way our simple gesture of handing out envelopes touched people’s lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined was incredibly humbling.

So, why not ditch the usual cookie or ornament exchange this year and try something new? Check out my latest YouTube video for all the details and stories. Let’s make this season unforgettable, not just for our loved ones but for strangers who might just need a little bit of extra kindness.

And hey – we’d love to hear from you! Do me a favor – leave a comment under one of my most recent YouTube videos with the comment #SnapShotBestie so that I know who the cool people are. 🩷🩷

I love you, I mean it!



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