Why Do Men Do This?

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How To Stop Self-Sabotage And Get Out Of Your Own Way!

I’ve been doing lots of research on self-sabotage, including consultations with several psychologists about the issue, and definitely stoked to share this topic with you today. While it’s a subject often talked about, I’m going to approach it from a different angle: What if you do things to get in your own way — purposely — so you don’t accomplish the goal you “want” to accomplish? In other words, are you (without knowing it) intentionally standing in your own way? Chances are… yes. This video may be at just 5 minutes, but we’re going deep today, lifers! It’s time to break away from self-sabotage with 3 actionable steps so that you can finally get things done!




Did you know that scientists can look at your gut microbiome composition and tell with 90% accuracy if you are obese or lean? Scientists have also discovered that certain gut microbes help shape your body and keep obesity at bay — which means if you’re having trouble losing weight, your microbiome could be the culprit. This will be a two-part interview with Viome CEO, Naveen Jain. Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. In today’s Part 1 episode, we’re going to discuss the huge importance the gut microbiome plays on our overall health. Plus, Mr. Jain informs us of a test anyone can take that can predict the future of your overall health in regard to nearly every chronic disease so many suffer from.


Get to the bottom of what foods are right for you and discover how optimizing the activity of your gut can dramatically improve the condition of your health. To get $25 off your test go to chalene.com/VIOME

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Why Do Men Do This?

Listen, I know there’s constant debate amongst the most highly educated about whether or not there truly are male / female differences. You know, the whole nature versus nurture thing? Maybe the reason for many (women, especially) is incorrectly equating differences with equality. Like, somehow – because men and women have strengths that are unique onto their gender – that means one is better than the other.

Anyway, call me an old fashioned type of girl – but you can count me as part of the men and women are not the same crowd. And hey, if you ask me, it’s about time we celebrate and honor our differences!

(Of course, now, I’m expressing my views in general terms. There are always going to be exceptions because we, as individuals, are complex creatures.)

Consider your (funny, if I may say) highlight video of the week as but ONE example of how, in my opinion, men and women operate quite differently! You may not want the kids around for this clip!


Did you laugh, learn, think?! I need to know everything. Tell me in the comments below! I’m always listening.

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4 responses to “Why Do Men Do This?”

  1. I love these round ups! I love how real you are!! Count me in the old fashioned type of girl crowd too, because I am right there laughing with you! Men can be such creeps, a baby’s car seat in the background?!? What the what?? Ha, ha! I also have a selfish request… I don’t have social media, except for Facebook, and yes, I am in your Pod Squad 🙂 Could you lip sync Nicki Minaj’s Megatron and post it here next week or in your Pod Squad Facebook group? 😀 Much love!!

  2. AACCKK lol lol lol
    Yikes poor Chalene, the things you do for us ; )

    I love you and appreciate the science lesson, stay safe!
    Maybe you should report the guys w/babies, though…ugh! Child abuse IMO


  3. Oh My Gosh! I am dying laughing right now. Tears and everything!!! I needed that today, so thank you.

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