Why Use Instagram TV

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Being as Instagram TV is still the newest big shift to Instagram, it’s definitely a feature you should not only use, but also be taking quite seriously. 

Now, of course they’re always making minor tweaks to the algorithm, and adding or subtracting different features, but IGTV was the last major overhaul on this exceedingly important and popular social media platform.

Instagram TV Is The Newest Big Feature On The App

Let’s be honest, Instagram TV, originally, was confusing when it first debuted (2018). There was a separate app you could download and watch all of your IGTVs there. But, you could also watch on Instagram. However, they weren’t available on your feed.

Anyway, Instagram listened to their audience, and they’ve been adjusting it ever since — making it way more user-friendly and a much more central part of the platform.


Just like every other social media app, Instagram’s goal is to keep you on their platform for as long as freaking possible.

This was tough (operative word being was) for Instagram in the past because — back in the day — pictures were all the app offered for our viewing and posting pleasure. Facebook, though, for example, had us on our feed for longer amounts of time because of video and longer text posts (rivaling blogs, really). 

This is why on Instagram:

  • Captions were written longer
  • Stories started to become popular
  • Videos became in demand

Until… long-form video finally resulted with IGTV!

Long-form Videos Are Made Possible on Instagram with IGTV

By long-form, we’re talking from 1 minute to 15 minutes max (at the time time of this writing). This is big, people! These videos can now rival YouTube. 

Which means they can sell advertisements for more money, their stock price goes up and the valuation of their company increases.

Side-note: Clips on Stories are 15 seconds each and general videos on your feed can be up to 1 minute.

IGTV videos can also be consumed landscape (sideways / full screen) Meaning — users spend even more time on the platform. 

Is this getting clear yet?

All of this MORE than suggests that Instagram wants you to:

  • Post IGTVs
  • Spend hours watching IGTV
  • Engage with IGTV

Hence, it’s in your best interest to start posting IGTVs right now. You just need the tips and the skills necessary to post your first one. It’s crucial to jump on this feature ASAP because not a ton of people are doing it at this time.

It's Important To Jump On The Instagram TV Now When Not A lot of People Are Using It

Don’t get me wrong… the big and smart creators, the most tech-savvy and the most forward-thinking business owners are definitely all up on Instagram TV. And yet, most people aren’t.

Look, if you can start posting on IGTV and be one of the first in your industry to start really utilizing and capitalizing on this new feature, Instagram will reward you for doing so.

Your account will see the benefits!

Now, for the actual tips and skills on recording your first one, posting it, what to do, and all of the different strategies you’ll need to master Instagram TV… check out the Build Your Tribe podcast below!

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