The #1 New Year’s Resolution Mistake (and How To Fix It)!

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It’s the first week of the New Year, and the feeling in the air is that of fresh starts and new beginnings! For many, it feels like a giant reset button on life. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a fan of whatever it takes to get you motivated! But because reaching your goals entails a lot more than writing a list, you’re going to find some serious dedication in this week’s Snapshot to accomplishing what you’ve set out to do! Plus, you’ll discover a helpful chat on boosting your immune system, packing tips for traveling, the benefits of homemade salad, and proof that having a system in place pays off! Oh! And Happy New Year! I want this to be your best year yet, so let’s get this party started…


Personal Development Chat – The #1 New Year’s Resolution Mistake (and How To Fix It)

Are you one of those well intentioned people who writes a crazy long list of goals for the New Year? The problem with that is, most likely, you set out to change something very big in your life – which usually makes for considerably daring and very powerful goals:

  • Exercise every day
  • Quit smoking
  • Save X amount of dollars
  • Eat greens with each one of your meals
  • Sleep 8 hours a night (no matter what!)

Then what happens?

You attempt to do this for a WHOLE FREAKING YEAR.

Well that, Lifers, is the #1 New Year’s Goal-Setting mistake. It’s just not realistic.

You need to watch this live stream because you’ll find a major tip that’s going to make a ridiculous difference for you and your goals in 2018. Honestly, the most productive and well-balanced people I know DO THIS. And even if you do it 50% of the time, you will be in a completely different place in just months.

We make this stuff too big, you guys. We think we need HUGE tasks to see our dreams come true. No wonder we fail. That’s why SmartLife PUSH Journals were designed (with your guidance!) to make sure you accomplish your goals in just 90 days! It’s fun, motivating, and – best of all – gets the job done! Order yours today before this season’s batch is all gone!


Personal Development Chat – How To Goal Set

If you don’t mind, I’m going to continue on goal setting for a minute because, hey, we’re only on day 5 of a brand New Year! There are 2 kinds of resolutions people make: Break a habit or create one. And I want you to focus on CREATING right now. Listen, don’t we all have at least ONE area in life – that up until now has only been a dream – we want to see actualized? Well, this happens to be exactly the entire focus behind the design of SmartLife PUSH Journals. It’s a foolproof system that will get you to understand how to prioritize what you want most RIGHT NOW so that you may begin taking the steps needed to ensure success. But, you know what? Dude! I never talk about this… there’s a HUGE bonus included when you receive your journals – guaranteeing you have all the tools in place to hit your goals. Is the anticipation killing you? Well, play the video to find out what this awesome gift is!

I’ll be frank, I wouldn’t wait on ordering your 90 Day / 3 Journal Set because that extra goodie I mentioned in the video won’t be around much longer. Hurry up and get your new and improved journals so that you start 2018 like a badass!


Health Chat – What Is The Best Immune Booster?

Your body requires a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, water, and electrolytes to perform competently and stay healthy. Crucial nutrients are lost by doing everyday things like breathing, sleeping, walking, sweating, and eliminating waste. And they must be restored. Especially during winter months. You may want to consider IV Hydration Therapy as your source of replenishment because, honestly, it’s far more effective than consuming supplements orally. But! There are key things to know before you go on this vitamin push quest or else you’re quite likely to be paying for very expensive saline water. I don’t want to see that to happen to you, so please check out my video for recommendations on how to go about seeking this sort of treatment.

Hear me out, three out of four Americans are not getting anywhere near their required amount of daily water intake. It’s a legit problem that has caused me too many sleepless nights. That’s why I created the 131 Hydration Set. If you feel you can be doing better staying hydrated, definitely check out this super easy and amazing system – created to keep you on track with drinking the amount of water your body needs!


Life Hack Chat – Packing Tips For Traveling

Do your packing right, and your trip will be a blissful experience due to the smart practices you put in action. Do it wrong, and it’ll be a sad case of excess items you don’t need, lack of items you DO need, and cursing (speaking for me here, okay?) at the baffling logic that managed to get you to throw in 18 pairs of heels for a one week barefoot oceanfront stay. Look, packing can raise the heart rate and cause moments of temporary insanity…  and I really don’t want any of that to be part of your vacation. You need to create a system – it always comes down to a system! – to maximize luggage space (allow me to introduce packing cubes) and guarantee that nothing is forgotten! See this next video for all of that and the app I use to help keep me in check…

If you’re loving the packing cubes I use, grab them for your next trip! 


Health Chat – The Benefits Of Prepping Your Own Salad

A store bought salad is definitely a good start to getting on the path of healthy eating. Of course, there are still things to be mindful of. Like swapping out the included dressing for a (far less inflammatory) squeeze of fresh lemon and a drizzle of olive oil, for example. But let me tell you, there’s nothing that compares to actually making the salad yourself – from scratch. There are the obvious reasons:

  • Knowing where the ingredients come from
  • Personal choice (picking what works for your dietary needs and restrictions)
  • Quality over quantity (including only what you want and need, so you’re not suffering through what is mostly romaine lettuce!)

And, believe it or not, in addition to all of that.. there is a MAJOR surprising benefit that occurs when you’re literally making the salad – from cutting the vegetables to smelling them. I’m excited for you to watch this video and find out what I’m talking about!



Just For Fun Chat – When Having A System Pays Off

As the old adage goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It took years and years of laying down bricks! Those bricks were the system. And that’s what you need, a SYSTEM, to see your goals realized. But, sometimes, we can get impatient or lost along the way. That’s why some sort of sign you’re on the right path can mean everything! For me, that realization always comes when it is abundantly clear I am serving. That’s always been my mission. To help you be better. And this past week, I’m thrilled to say, one such sign presented itself. As the video below shows, there was a super lovely unexpected shoutout for the 131 Method Movement – proving, again, that we are beginning to change the game in the health / diet world. This is something I’ve been suspecting due to the countless inspiring messages I receive DAILY from 131-ers on social media… but, hey, a little PR doesn’t hurt! Okay, no more suspense! Watch the video to see WHO is doing 131!

Did you know that the #1 resolution (and there isn’t a close second) people make at the beginning of a New Year year is to lose weight / get healthy? Perhaps it’s time for you to join the 131 revolution to get your health on point! I’d recommend to sign up ASAP before 2018 prices kick in!


My main intention every week here is to help you get your life right! Whatever area you need to focus on…

It’s my sincere wish that you’ll, once again, invite me along on your journey in this New Year. Nothing makes me feel more honored than being part of your story. And you can bet I’ll continue to share whatever lessons / tips / tricks I learn so that, hopefully, we can improve together. That’s why we’re here, after all. To serve. As long as I’m around, you know I got you.

Hey, I’d love to know in the comments what you’re going to CREATE for yourself this year!


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