The 10 Most Important Areas For Improvement in Life

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Today, we’re going to cover the 10 most important areas for improvement in one’s life. With the right system, it’s crucial to not just note these 10 aspects of life, but to, also, score them. This ultimately ensures you know exactly where balance is off in your everyday life.

10 Most Important Areas for Improvement in Life Need To Be Scored For Achieve Balance

1. Physical health.

This means everything in relation to your physical body, not your mental well-being.

Included here is your internal health.

Consider things, like how:

  • Strong you feel
  • Healthy you are right now
  • Robust is your immune system
  • Satisfied are you with your physical appearance

2. Mental health.

Some questions to accurately assess this area:

  • Have things on your mind caused disruptions in your sleep or impacted your appetite?
  • Are there things that are making you feel stressed, or sad, or empty, or happy or fulfilled?
  • Do you feel like you have relatively good control over your mood?
  • Are you having any anxiety?
  • Do you feel supported?

3. Environment or your surroundings.

Consider the place where you spend the most time. That could be your:

  • Office — whether at home or outside of the home
  • Car
  • Social group / co-workers

4. Joy.

Basically, the things you do for restoration (i.e., hobbies).

The caveat here — to truly see improvement in your life — is to think about those things you do that are healthy.

Score The Areas of Joy in Your Life for Balance and Improvement

5. Romance.

Let me clarify because there’s more than meets the eye. Romance means your connection with a significant other.

Now, that might be a situation where you’ve finally freed yourself and said goodbye to a toxic relationship. For the first time in eons you’re actually in a good place and thrilled to be alone. Hence, you might score yourself high in this area — even if there’s little to no intimacy in your life at this time.

6. Friends and family.

So, I put these two together because it does not include your significant other. However, it might include your children, extended family and true friends (you almost consider family).

Don’t think about all of your acquaintances because they’re not what, ultimately, brings us joy.

7. Finances.

Some ways to asses this category best:

  • Take a look at — or just mentally take a mental picture of — the ratio of your debt to your income.
  • How’s your housing situation as it relates to your financial situation?
  • What’s happening with your investment strategies?
  • How is your net worth trending?

8. Your purpose / Your work.

I combine these two terms together because I’d like for you to think about what you were meant to be doing right now. Ask yourself if, in your daily living, you’re living with purpose. Does your job fulfill you?

9. Spirituality.

Spirituality is a very broad concept and it can have a lot of different meanings. But, in general, the term spirituality (in the way I suggest defining it) is your satisfaction / connection with something outside of yourself.

Spirituality is a Key Area For Improvement To Attain True Life Balance

For the last area to assess, PLUS…

  • Clear direction for how to score each of these areas of life accurately
  • Why you need a daily plan
  • What to do after you score each area and identify what needs the most attention in your life

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