Mistakes Network Marketers Make

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This blog is exclusively for those of you who are network marketers. Before I go any further, it’s important to note that the mistakes listed below were working not too long ago.

Until recently, these strategies may have been useful and productive for those in the network marketing community.

So, keep that in mind and remember not to take anything personally — because, as we know, things constantly evolve. It’s best to be in the know!

Side note: There are exceptions to every mistake listed.

But most of those exceptions are going to be from someone whose got a lot more followers (than you) and has been doing this a lot longer.

Because of which, they can do things differently than someone who’s just starting out or doesn’t yet have a following of over 10,000 people.

A Mistake Network Marketers Make Is Thinking They Can Follow the Same Rules as Those Who Already Established

#1 mistake to avoid: Trying to be a personal brand too soon.

In order for someone to follow you, they have to see that you have incredibly valuable niched content. So, don’t show up on social media parading all of your personal stuff. The truth is, you’re just not that interesting to strangers yet. Sorry not sorry.

#2 mistake to avoid: Posting your product to the feed.

Take a look at these kinds of posts on your Instagram and Facebook feed. I guarantee posts featuring products aren’t getting any reach and engagement. And — 9 times out of 10 — when there is engagement happening, it’s from somebody who’s already a distributor.

#3 mistake to avoid: Not researching hashtags.

It’s imperative to check out who’s using a certain hashtag.

Imagine this: You’ve decided to use, let’s say… (I’m making this up on the spot)… #FemaleCEO

If you, dear Network Marketer, had researched (which most people don’t) that particular hashtag, you might have discovered that quote cards rank at the top.

(I haven’t looked, by the way. Just giving a random example)

But instead! You’re posting a video! So, because videos aren’t the type of content showing up at the top for your hashtag… you won’t rank anywhere near the top. 

#4 mistake to avoid: Posting interesting content.

I’ll be frank, interesting content isn’t working today.

Network Marketers Shouldn't Post Interesting Content But Valuable

What people want is valuable content. And, there’s a difference.

Why did this method work up until even 1 year ago — but isn’t now? For that juicy tidbit — plus, how to navigate choosing the right hashtag for YOUR business / brand — then check out the episode of Build Your Tribe below:

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