4 Different Types of Entrepreneurs

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Let’s see which of the 4 different types of entrepreneurs you just happen to be. Even if you are not an entrepreneur (or someone who owns a business), this topic will still prove useful to you. The reason being is that it will help you identify what type of mindset you are currently in; which is critical whether you’ve set a goal to eat healthier, get more organized, be a kinder person, improve your marriage, start working out on a regular basis, or whatever it is for you. It all starts with your mindset.

1st Type: The Doubter.

This person is a step beyond the skeptic. They think there is a possibility their business could succeed. There is that small sliver of a remote thought that tells them this new venture might improve business. But they are really overwhelmed with doubt. It’s so easy to pick out a doubter because they say things, like:

  • I’m just going to keep on trying, I guess.”
  • Once again it didn’t work for me today.”
  • This program seems cool, but I was in other programs that seemed cool, too.”

They are often the person who buys programs and then returns them. Business or health or fitness, etc. You know, they’ll buy a gym membership and go back to the gym 24 hours later and ask for a refund – stating a myriad of excuses. None of which are true, by the way. The truth is they have so much doubt in their ability to follow through that they don’t want failure.

You have to stop doubting yourself because, if you doubt yourself, I guarantee everyone else will, too. It trickles down from the top. When you believe you’ll fail at eating healthier, finishing up that business academy, or having a good marriage… guess what? You’re right! Conversely, the same is true for believing in your success. 

2nd Type: The Perfectionist.

They have that brilliant idea – but they just keep working on it, working on it, and working on it.  And thinking about it, thinking about it, and thinking about it. Starting a project isn’t an option until they’re 100% positive everything is going to work out. The perfectionist is someone who goes through a course looking for definitive answers before they will move forward. In other words, whatever is taught in the course isn’t enough. They must do their own research to fully vet any part of the process suggested by the expert teaching.

3rd Type: Jumper.

These entrepreneurs are the ones who will pay for an online academy in full. They don’t do payment plans. And they’re in it for less than two weeks, having watched one or two lessons, and believe they got it! No need to finish!

Seriously, they’re buying programs and having the attitude of…

let’s go, let’s go, let’s go to the part where I am a millionaire, please!? Is there a fast forward button? I’m following this and that and don’t need details nor specifics… I am really good at figuring things out!

Bottom line: when you miss steps, you waste money and time.

Jumpers, though, have an advantage because it is easier for them to reform than a doubter or perfectionist. They just have to decide to stop jumping, slow down, and finish.

4th Type: Soldier.

It takes a very special mindset to be a soldier. There are men and women in the trenches who were formed as perfectionists, doubters, and jumpers. But you will not survive in war with any three of those mindsets. You must be a quiet hero. Feel fear and do what is right. Recognize that conditions aren’t going to be perfect, but still pulling that trigger. A soldier wins the war because they have given their best and take it to the end. They get the job finished.

Any one of you can shift into this mindset. Once you recognize you are saddled with any of the other three mindsets (doubter, perfectionist, jumper), you’re likely to wake up and realize the only person you’re hurting is you.

Let me know in the comments which one of the 4 types of entrepreneurs you are! And if you’re not a soldier, are you ready to change?


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  1. Well said… I’m a jumper who is learning how to get a solid plan, and finish. I have an idea of what it is I am to do, just hard to learn the how… I look up to you so much, in many ways. Honestly, I’ve recently decided to use you as a mentor. You’re healthy, smart, clean, successful, and OH MY GOODNESS BEAUTIFUL. I don’t even look that good yet, and I’m 29 on the 8th of Oct. I hope one day to meet you, but for now I’ll learn from you, maybe I’ll get to see you once I’m a successful author and motivational speaker. God bless.

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