How To Achieve Financial Freedom

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One major criterion that helps people get happy is freedom. It’s downright difficult to be happy if you feel trapped and powerless, right? And freedom for a lot of people, let’s face the facts, comes with financial means. Now, as I write that, I can already envision the reaction on social media. Inevitably, there will be those who protest, “I read your blog where you wrote about people needing more money to be happy and I disagree!

But listen… when I talk to people about what it is they want – no matter where / when they’ve started – and probe deep with questions, like… why:

  • “do you want that?
  • is pursuing this a priority?
  • are you making those sacrifices?
  • do you want to work on this?

Ultimately, I always get to the same answer, which is…

Because I want to be happy.”

While you don’t exactly need more money to be happy, most people DO to afford freedoms. Some scenarios to ponder:

  • I’d like to get home early from this trip so that I can make my daughter’s recital.”
  • It would be amazing to have the ability to help my mom move into assisted living.”
  • What I wouldn’t give for the freedom to stay home from work today or take a month off.
  • Boy, being able to afford the safer car or live in a better neighborhood for my family would be a dream come true.”

Are you now on board with the fact that freedom sometimes leads to happiness? Actually, correction. Not sometimes, A LOT of times. And, often, as noted in said scenarios above, having the financial means is THE gateway to finding everyday bliss.

Because, trust me, I’ve been on both sides of this…

There was a point in our marriage when Bret and I were – are you ready? – half a million dollars in debt!

If you’re thinking I can’t relate to you and your current financial stress, let me know when you’ve had a half a million dollars in debt and crawled out of it. Mmmkay? #ToughLove

To reiterate, there’s far more freedom to be had when you have financial means. But how? Here’s where you start…

Assignment: Download and subscribe to Build Your Tribe. I cohost this podcast with my son Brock. The reason I brought Brock on this year is because, for some odd reason, BYT got the reputation of being just for people who wanted to be (or who were already) business owners. That just simply isn’t true.

Build Your Tribe is for anyone who desires freedom. And I know that’s you.

Personal anecdote: I got a letter just over a year ago from a gal who’s a teacher. She told me that she loved her students, her job, her life – but there was always something (that felt) missing. That proverbial pit in the bottom of her stomach! Feeling as though she were suffocating from time to time.

This lovely woman had been teaching for 10 years and, one day, realized…

I have another 15, 20, 30 years ahead of me. Is this really it? What else can I do?

She has two young children, a husband, full time job… and, yet, still made it a point to begin checking out Build Your Tribe – without the intention of ever building a business. I mean, how would she even find time for THAT!?

So, why did she start listening then? Well, her words:

I started listening because I like listening to you and I thought, ‘Well, you know, she’s funny. Maybe she’ll insert some funny things in there or whatever.’ I had zero intentions of creating any kind of passive income.

Well, guess what?

Fast forward to last week. She sent a followup email to let me know she had found freedom!

Honestly, this story is fresh in my mind because I just got her email… but there are thousands just like it from BYT listeners!

Five minutes to freedom. That’s all it takes. Your goal, your objective, your task, your to-do list today is one simple thing that could create the freedom you deserve: subscribe to Build Your Tribe. Listen to one episode.

And, then, will you do me a favor?

Write a review and say, “I subscribed today after reading your blog, How To Achieve Financial Freedom!” You can do that on iTunes or whatever app you listen to Build Your Tribe! It’s important to me to know you did your homework assignment.

Bonus: When leaving your review, mention your social media handle so that I can give you a proper shout out!

I’m telling you this stuff works. Just listen to the episodes, people. Aren’t you ready for the freedom you deserve? Seriously.


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