Why Being Silly is Good For You And Your Relationships

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Being silly is good for you both on a personal level and in your relationships — whether it’s at the home or office. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, since the time we were little kids, we’ve been brainwashed (subliminally) into believing that goofing off is wrong. That somehow acting silly means we’re:

  • Doing something we’re not supposed to be doing
  • Going to get in trouble

In other words, doing something joyful — which causes happiness and laughter —  is bad and unproductive.

Well, I got news for you. That’s all a bunch of lies!

As a matter of fact, the people you’re going to feel the most connected to are those with whom you can be silly in front of and just let your guard down.

You Feel Most Connected To Those You Can Get Silly With

Studies show that having fun and being silly:

  • Makes us smarter
  • Reduces stress
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Gives us more energy

I know you can relate to meeting someone and immediately realizing that you two share the same sense of humor. What a feeling, right? You might come from totally different places on the planet with opposing socioeconomic statuses, but… when you find the same things silly and funny, it’s like:

“Oh, I really get this person! And they get me!”

Now, this is something that I’ve tried to instill in our family — creating goofiness, silliness and humor in the household as often as possible.

In fact, last week the kids were home from college and my husband, Bret, and I found ourselves the subject of their curiosity. See, our children, Brock and Cierra, are at that age now where they’re looking for mates, if you will. They were asking questions (which feels so nice as a parent!) revolved around the time Bret and I first began dating. One such example:

“What was it about mom that made you just know she was the one?”

And Bret didn’t even hesitate,

“She was the funniest girl. I had never been with a girl who was that funny.”

Being Your Silly Authentic Self Allows You To Connect To A Future Spouse

To be honest, it just made my day to hear him say that. I didn’t want him to say anything like,

“She was the prettiest!” or “She was the smartest!”

Because obviously, I’m none of those things. But even if I were in his eyes, great, but that eventually goes away. Even your smarts can go away, I think. Lord knows I have those days where my brain took a detour to I don’t know where.

If you can make people laugh and can laugh with people, that’s a gift.

You must listen to The Chalene Show podcast, below, for much more detail on this topic, like:

  • One of the main reasons parents don’t allow their kids to be silly
  • Why it’s imperative to teach your children that having fun as a family is a priority
  • Personal anecdotes of goofy times at the Johnsons which will live forever in our memories
  • How to let loose at work and why you should — whether you’re the boss or not
Getting Silly At Work is Healthy




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  1. I remember dating a girl named Tasha. It seemed everything we did together led to silliness and laughter. It opened up a relationship that I never had before. Sure, we had serious moments, but the silliness prevailed. And I believe the latter leads to a wonderful relationship!

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