Best Apps for Instagram Content Creation

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As one who continues to build her business via social media (and teaches how to do so, as well), Instagram content creation is paramount in the process. At this time, it’s where I’m the most prolific and consistent. So, it’s imperative that I have trusted (and quick!) apps to help get the job done.

My Best Apps for content creation on Instagram

Best Apps for content Creation on Instagram

At the outset, let me be clear that much of what you need to do on Instagram can be done right within the app itself.

For example, one of my favorite ways of creating content is by using Instagram stories, create mode — which actually makes it really simple to create, edit and change the format (e.g., add pictures and GIFs, etc.) to a simple text post. This can be utilized for both Stories and your feed.

But of course, there are 3rd party apps that make certain things on Instagram:

  • go a little bit smoother
  • look/sound a little bit better
  • generally make your life easier

My recommendations!

(Disclaimer: Most of these apps are for the iPhone, so you might have to find a look-alike if you’re on Android)

1. Video editing apps

InShot (my son’s favorite) is a fantastic editing app for Reels or videos (IGTV, too) that you’re posting on Instagram. It was designed specifically for mobile video, so when you edit in InShot, it keeps your videos in vertical format — which is ideal for reels, IGTVs, TikToks.

InShot is awesome, super user-friendly, and there’s a ton of cool features that you can use to really customize your videos and take them to the next level.

My personal fave, though, is Videoleap because of all the different customizations and, for me, it’s just a tad more intuitive. That said, you can’t go wrong with either!

2. Photo editing apps

VSCO is a super popular app for minor adjustments and filters.

Snapseed — which has a really cool feature that allows you to remove parts (i.e., objects, people, etc.) of the image that you might not want.

iPhone’s built-in photo editing (Android, too!) is honestly a great choice! You can make lots of minor changes to enhance your photos almost any way you like.

Best Apps for Photo Editing for Instagram Content Creation

3. Closed captioning apps

Instagram recently rolled out the captions sticker on Instagram Stories. So, after you upload your video to IG stories, you can just tap on that caption sticker and it will automatically add closed captions for you (which you can edit).

TikTok also has an automatic generated captions feature!

However, I don’t always trust those apps to accurately hear what I’m saying, so sometimes I do like to use:

MixCaptions — it is a paid-for app, but I prefer some of its features, like the amount of customization (i.e., move the text around, change the color, edit words, etc.).

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