Best Email Subject Lines 2022

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From looking at the title of this blog, you would be correct in expecting the best subject lines to get people to open your email — in 2022! And my data happens to be based on research I did on Instagram. I polled my 700,000+ followers and had over 26,000 respond.

So, below, you’ll find the top replies for email subject lines that grabbed people’s attention! Most importantly, enough to open up their email!

The Best Subject Lines of 2022 that Get People to Open Their Email

Best Email Subject Lines (from my poll) in no particular order:

  • do you need a butt-kicking?
  • order tracking update
  • what’s next???
  • you’re special and so is this…
  • your order is on the way
  • I need your help
  • open your eyes
  • Buy one get one free
  • hang out with me for an hour
  • I am 💩 my pants excited
  • did you do this?
  • very boring, but very important (please read)
  • I screwed up / I’m sorry / I blew it
  • our biggest ______ of the year (fill in the blank: giveaway, sale, tip, event, takeaway, etc.)
  • Action required
  • per our conversation… can I ask a question? (or… can I ask a favor?)
  • you’re gorgeous
  • have you given up on this?
  • huh?

Firstly, Transformational subject lines:

  • wanna gain 10,000 followers overnight?
  • lose 10 pounds over the holidays!
  • finally, relief from anxiety!
  • get an extra hour of sleep tonight
  • enjoy your most productive week ever
  • younger-looking skin in 30 days!

Secondly, Fear of Missing Out / Setting the Urgency / Time Sensitive subject lines: 

  • don’t let your 33% off membership exclusive slip away
  • last opportunity in 2021
  • limited run
  • Last chance! This goes away at midnight
  • limited quantities
  • Hurry! Selling out fast!
  • we’ll never make this offer again
  • just a few spots left! (first come, first serve)

Thirdly, Curiosity (“what the heck?”) subject lines:

  • I took my mom to buy a rubber dress
  • the time that I peed my pants in public
  • the most expensive mistake I ever made
  • well, that was embarrassing

The Best Email Subject Lines Build Curiosity

And any subject line that uses the word sale (but keep in mind these are more likely to end up in the spam folder):

  • our last sale of the year
  • our Black Friday sale
  • because we love you – flash sale today!

Now, for examples of:

  • value-based email subject 
  • simple email subject lines
  • controversial subject lines

Then, you’ll have to check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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