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Hey Boo! 

Friday just got more fabulous! Speaking of fabulous – did you see Dolly Parton at the cowboys game last week? I’m all for the full body stockings. If anyone has something negative to say about my girl – hoops come off. You’ve been warned. 

dolly parton halftime

Ok let’s get to it! 



I’m in love with this workout top. It comes in tons of varieties – some sheer, some not.  And here’s my little secret to make a basic tank way more flattering – I customize them by cutting the bottom into a horseshoe. No need to hem. If ya wanna show off that booty – tie up the back with a little knot in the back. It just transforms the whole look. You’re welcome 

Now, a little heads-up – my first shirt kind of… let’s just say, didn’t survive the dryer. 😅 So, definitely hang dry to keep it in the best shape. But it’s so affordable that snagging an extra one wasn’t a big deal at all. Trust me, once you try this, you might just want to stock up on a few! 

chalene johnson amazon workout top


Outlive by Dr  Peter Attia

Takeaways thus far: what we all MUST DO to avoid The Big 4: cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases. I love that his approach really aligns with a common sense approach to living better as we age. And what I’ve learned also makes me much happier and less stressed. Anyone can put into place just a few of these measurable, REALISTIC changes. Yes, it covers exercise and also focuses on longevity (not “fads” or looking ripped 24/7).

You’ll LOVE this book if: you’re interested in putting more life into your years (AND years into your life) and making sure the second half of your life is even more outstanding than the first!!! 

Warning: As you know if you listen to his YouTube channel, he uses lots of medical terms and tends to be a little long in the details, but I love that kind of stuff at 1.5 x speed.

DON’T read if: you’re not interested in making some permanent changes to your lifestyle.



This Week on The Chalene Show:

Ever find yourself skipping workouts and eating like crap when your regular routine gets disrupted or life gets super hectic? I don’t just mean the holidays, it can even happen on vacation. Ironically, it’s when we need to be our healthiest that health, food, and fitness routines are the first to take a backseat?  

These are the moments when prioritizing ourselves is so important, but how do you do that when temptations or stress are high??

Here’s the deal: I’ve been practicing this simple and easy, yet effective approach, for 15 years. It’s super simple. It works  and tens of thousands of other people have used this approach to avoid busy season weight gain.  And I can’t tell you how many people have told me they ended up losing weight during these busy times following the protocol I shared on YouTube this past Wednesday. 

And in today’s video, I’m diving into the mystery behind why some people seem to turn everything they touch to gold, while others constantly struggle financially and can’t seem to catch a break. 

Want to know why it’s so easy for some people to attract more money, more opportunities and better people into their lives? There’s a secret to attracting prosperity… and it’s not what you think. That’s in today’s episode on YouTube.


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I love you, I mean it!



progress over perfection push journal

P.S. Whether it’s maintaining your fitness routine during the holidays or focusing on your financial growth, a Push Journal is your ally in staying on track without feeling overwhelmed. Get yours today and start making those small changes that lead to big results!


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