How to Change Your Bad Mood Into Good

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When a bad mood hits you and takes over your day, it can certainly seem impossible to overcome. But let me tell you… it doesn’t have to be. Let me share what I do to turn my bad mood into good!

Turn Bad Mood Into Good with These Steps

How to Change Your Bad Mood Into Good 

I’ll preface this by saying that the following steps are for scenarios where you are in control of your actions, behavior and circumstances. As in, we can exclude natural disasters, the baby getting sick, getting hit by a drunk driver and your boss firing you with no warning. 

Step 1: Identify when your bad mood occurs and the role you played in it.

This means that your energy shift was the result of something you were doing or weren’t doing. Perhaps out of habit or some level of (or loss of) control.

Ask yourself, 

“could I have done something differently?”

Step 2: Make a list of things you do or have done that impact your mood in a negative way.

These actions (or lack thereof) are:

  • adversely impacting how you feel about things (or even yourself)
  • within your control
  • setting yourself up for failure
  • skills that you can improve upon

Bottom line: You recognize that whatever you’re doing is having an unfortunate effect on your mood.

Change Your Bad Mood Into Good By Identifying Your Actions

Step 3: Identify “little” realistic things that make you feel good.

What do I mean by realistic? Focusing only on the things you have control over. 

For example, I feel great when I wake up early and I get my workout done. I can very much control that.

However, sometimes I slip.

Personal anecdote: When I get up and receive an early text/request from one of our team members on the East Coast, I’m trying to respect the fact that their day ends earlier than mine. So, I sometimes feel obligated and rushed (my fault!) to respond and get them that information immediately. But, in doing so, I’m interrupting my own patterns and habits — and it 100% impacts my happiness. In that particular instance, I have control over the situation and my destiny.

For the rest of the steps to ensure your bad mood flips to good, plus:

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  • My thoughts on worrying

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