How Design Thinking Helps With Ideas

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Coming up with ideas can be hard. Knowing if the ones you come up with are actually going to work is even harder. But when you apply design thinking to every problem your faced with in business (and life, in general), you’ll be surprised as to how much easier it is to come up with solid ideas.

There are 6 steps involved with design thinking. That said, please don’t think of them as steps, necessarily. It’s more like an interconnected web — moving from one step to another. Often, you’ll find yourself not going in any particular order, too.

Ideas Are Interconnected In Design Thinking

Let’s break down each of the “steps” below:

Design Thinking For Ideas #1: Empathize

When you’re coming up with a new plan for a YouTube video, social media post, business venture, or product… you must empathize with your user (i.e., your target audience).

Do your research. Social media is great because you can poll people in the comments section of whatever platform you’re on.

Design Thinking For Ideas #2: Define

Compile all of that research from empathizing with your user and define what their biggest problem is. The problem you want to solve with whatever it is you hope to create out of this process.

Design Thinking For Ideas #3: Ideate

Funny word? Yes. Basically, it just means to come up with ideas. This step is all about the brain dump. If you’ve never heard me use that term before (where have you been all my life?!), you’re literally going to dump out — on paper — everything possible that comes into your brain. It’s not about coming up with great ideas, but, rather, coming up with ideas – period.

Brain Dump Helps With Ideas

Design Thinking For Ideas #4: Prototype

Once you have that big list, start picking out your favorites. Circle them, put a star by them, and start making rough prototypes of what that would look like.

Design Thinking For Ideas #5: Test

Create that content for Instagram or Facebook, draft those posts, survey your audience and see what they think. Allow them to have some input on your prototypes.

Design Thinking For Ideas #6: Implement

Post that content, release that product, start that business. Remember, there’s no such thing as perfect.

Allow yourself to be imperfect and know that if you ever want to improve upon your content, your product, whatever it is that you’re creating, you can always go through the design thinking process again.

Start Again To Bring New Ideas To Life

Design thinking is but ONE of TWO major strategies for coming up with a plan on action! To listen to the OTHER exceedingly crucial element, check out Design Thinking Techniques for Better Content Creation on Build Your Tribe NOW! You’ll also find can’t-miss tips on how to brain dump the right way and SO MUCH MORE! 


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