Feeling Stuck In A Rut? Do This!

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Stuck in a rut? What does that even mean, specifically? I think everyone defines it a little differently. But, most agree would that the general meaning is…

You aren’t happy with where you are in life and, ultimately, just feel freakin’ stuck.

Stuck in your:

  • Weight loss journey
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • College life
Feeling Stuck In Your Life

Simply having the same routine day after day or having some predictability doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a rut. For many individuals that’s what I would call blissful predictability.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, what you’re talking about, usually, is a certain level of unhappiness. This feeling in your gut that things should be better. You can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but you know you could be doing more. 

Here are 6 quick steps to get you out of this rut, but! And this is big. I need you to listen to my podcast, Get Out of a Rut in 6 Simple Steps, to truly understand how to master the 6 tips below. 


Well, I’ll introduce to you the 10 areas of your life you might desire to feel better in. You’re going to score each of them and use the following steps on only those areas you scored yourself low. So, don’t forget to LISTEN!

Step 1: Create your own challenge.

Pick a start date and an end date! Now, I love a good 30-day challenge. That’s perfect for me. But for some of you, that might not be long enough. You might want to do 90 days. Yet, others may prefer shorter – like 14 days.

Get Rid Of Feeling Stuck With Specific Goals

After you pick your start / end date, you’re going to keep track of how well you do with specific goals. Goals that have measure; where you can look at your calendar and say, “Have I done this specific thing?” Don’t pick something vague, like: “I’m going to eat better.”

Step 2: Get a partner.

We will flake on ourselves in a heartbeat, especially when we can justify it by saying, “Well, I couldn’t do it because I had to help so and so” — but we won’t often let someone else down.

Step 3: Inventory your success.

Stop focusing on the ultimate goal that has you feeling dissatisfied or unhappy. What I want you to do is take an inventory of all the success you’ve had along the way. All the little wins you’ve already had (in this particular area you’ve missed the mark). Yeah, you’ve missed the mark, but you’ve still been trying.

Step 4: Develop a personal growth plan.

Personal growth can include what you’re doing right now — reading a blog. That’s improving your brain and making you better. It’s becoming a student.

Now, you can go back to school. You can enroll in classes at the local college or university.

The best thing about learning, especially in this day and age, is you can do it in a self-paced way. “Yeah, I want to listen to three podcasts a week” or “I want to enroll in an online academy” or “I’m going to sign up for this personal development seminar thing I found,” etc.

Educate Yourself And Remove Feeling Stuck From Your Life

Listen, personal growth helps us to be more focused and effective, and it just gives you a sense of direction.

Step 5: Change your perspective.

Whatever you repeat to yourself becomes your reality. If you say, “I’m in a crappy relationship,” guess what? It will get worse. However, if you begin saying to yourself, “Man, I’m lucky. I have someone who appreciates me. I love this person, and I can make it better” — then you will.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, from wherever you are reading this, no matter what you’re dealing with and how bad it seems, you have control for one thing… your attitude.

For the 6th and final step — and a crazy amount of detail + personal anecdotes for each point above — you must check out the aforementioned podcast on The Chalene Show NOW! Get out that pen and paper and get ready to change your life!


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