How To Find The Right Accountability Partner

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Finding the right accountability partner can be a major determining factor in your growth as an entrepreneur. Let’s face it, the more layers of accountability you have, the more likely you are to be successful.

Finding The Right Accountability Partner Is a Determining Factor in your Success

We’re not meant to do everything on our own, especially when it comes to the things that we don’t feel like doing.

So, one of the most effective — and, perhaps, the least expensive — ways that you can get your stuff done is by finding an accountability partner.

How to Find The Right One.

If you’re a Marketing Impact Academy member, you just need to get inside our Facebook group. We have people connect there all the time who become exceptional partners for each other.

Speaking of which, as an entrepreneur, finding a Facebook group…

  1. in your specific niche
  2. that specifically relates to building businesses

…is a phenomenal avenue to pinning down an accountability partner.

Whatever your niche is.

Let’s say your business is hand-made clothing items that you sell on Etsy. Well, I guarantee you that there is a Facebook group specific to that type of entrepreneur.

FInd The Right Accountability Partner By Joining a Facebook Group in your Niche

Or maybe you’re in network marketing and you don’t want to join a Facebook group that’s filled with people who are in the same organization as you. In fact, I recommend you step outside that box and see what other people are doing in their network marketing organization, so you get fresh ideas.

There are people everywhere.

You don’t have to rely on having friends in your physical life who are entrepreneurs! Or, for that matter, anyone in your personal life who runs in similar circles. The World Wide Web awaits you, people!

There are so many ways to can connect with like-minded driven people via social media.

  • You could do a post on Instagram Stories or Facebook feed
  • Check out apps that pair people up
  • Explore virtual classes
All that said, I find that most often people meet the right accountability partner in a mastermind group, networking opportunity, or, more often than not, a Facebook group.

For much more on this topic, including:

  • The likelihood of accomplishing goals when you announce them publicly
  • What to look for in an accountability partner
  • Examples of how to communicate with your accountability partner

Then you must check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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