Best Free Photo and Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android | 2019

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The best editing apps for your phone should not be confused with any other sort of editing software. These particular apps, for the iPhone and Android, allow you to satisfy just about all of your editing needs — for photos and videos — from the palm of your hand. And did I mention they’re majority for free?!

Look, no one has the time or patience these days to incur all the complexities built into any editing software for your mac or PC. So, just like most things today… we want to be able to do it from our phones! Is it even a luxury anymore when people have come to expect it? Food for thought.

Editing and Filming Video From Our Phones Is No Longer A Luxury

Well, it just so happens that I went to Instagram Stories and asked my audience to share with me their very favorite apps for editing photos and videos. At first, my reasoning was entirely selfish. I was looking to up own personal video editing game. But after so many of you wouldn’t stop bugging me about it,

Girl, you better share what you found out!

I’ve decided to go public with this super scientific poll. Seriously, though, after thousands of responses, plus my very own up-to-date research, I’m confident the list below (top responses ONLY), will be everything you need for the hottest and most important apps for editing photos and videos on your phone!

Top Photo Editing Apps

1) Snapseed (iPhone & Android)

It features precision masking which allows you to edit the depth of field. And yes, I know a lot of apps do that but most of them are very obvious. My kids will bust me about it all the time,

Mom, that blurry background you just did on that photo is so bad.” Rude.

But Snapseed gives you great precision! You can go exactly into little crevices of whatever it is you’re trying to keep in focus.

2) VSCO (iPhone & Android)

This one is really more about the filters. In fact, if you’ve ever looked at an Instagrammer whose page has a perfect aesthetic, it probably originated from the custom made pre-sets in this app.

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3) Lightroom (iPhone & Android)

Straight up, I need to master this app because it has the coolest features. It’s crazy how you can remove things from the background. Let’s say you have this perfect photo of you and your husband and then there’s a garbage can off to the left. No biggie, you can remove it! It’s insane. It allows you to adjust the light, the detail, the color, the distortion, the grain, everything.

4) Foodie (iPhone & Android)

The quality of taking photos of your food is dramatically improved by using this app. And then, of course, it’s got 30 plus filters, pre-sets, and all kinds of features.

Editing App Foodie Helps Take Standout Pictures
This pic was taken with Foodie by 131 Media Chef, Erin Woodbury

The thing with all of these editing apps is you just have to pick one and learn it inside and out because a lot of them do many of the same things. You might want to choose one over another… whichever one is easiest for you.

If you’re one of those people who stresses over learning new things, especially in the world of technology, then I have a simple recommendation for you:


Instead of wasting four hours trying to figure out your newest fancy app, just go to YouTube and search 2019 tutorial (of said app) and you’ll have somebody walk you through exactly how to use it. It saves so much time!

Watching YouTube Tutorials For Editing Apps on Your Phone

Top Video Editing Apps

1) Kine Master (iPhone & Android)

A pro-level editing app. You can add music, effects, text overlays, adjust saturation, color, music, cropping, and doodle (what!?) on it, too. It gives you the ability to create a zoom that goes across the length of the clip. There’s this handy little tool that allows you to boost up the volume on any conversation — like if anyone’s audio is lower than someone else’s. All that said, it’s not very intuitive. 

2) Quik (iPhone & Android)

This video editing app is, indeed, quick and easy to use. Yes, you can swap out music, add filters and graphics and fonts, etc.

3) Clips (iPhone only)

This is the app so many people are using to put subtitles/captions in their videos (when they post them to social media). Why is this important? Well, because most of us watch videos on mute!

Editing Apps For Captions For Using Phone on Mute

4) Action Director (Android only)

Now, I haven’t used this one, personally, but apparently it does do a lot of the things that Clips does. It offers stickers and subtitles, etc. A lot of my droid lifers said it was their favorite!

5) Adobe Premiere (iPhone & Android)

Many people responded that it’s amazing and even easier to use than the desktop version of Adobe. It allows you to edit any video right from your device. Plus, it’s crazy fast, fun to use, and the best feature about it is that it has this creation capability. Meaning, the app can actually create videos for you with any of your videos / photos or other clips that you choose.

For SO MUCH MORE — like my FAVE app in both of the categories above and more detail on all the apps already mentioned — you MUST check out the podcast below, “Top Photo and Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone 2019” — from The Chalene Show!









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