How Do Body Image Issues Start?

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Body image issues impact so many facets of our being, from sexuality to mindset to nutrition to self esteem. But how does it start and where does it stem from? Understanding the root cause is the first step in conquering body image and all of the negative self-perception that comes with it.

How Do Body Image Issues Start?

Body Image Issues Start Negative Self Perception

Are you comparing yourself to something (or someone) you never have been and probably never will be? 

As I love to say,

Comparison is the thief of joy.

The worst part — especially since the advent of social media — is that, more often that not, you might be comparing your body to another body that doesn’t even exist. 

You know, X influencer’s body that may have been altered through:

  • filters
  • plastic/cosmetic surgery
  • lighting/camera angles

Not to mention, comparing your body to anyone else’s is unbelievably futile when you consider that you don’t have their parents! Meaning, your genetics and family history are entirely different. And we all know that plays a huge role in our health and body type. Although, to be clear, NOT a defining role.

Plus, somehow you’ve gotten it in your head that X’s body is:

  • the standard
  • attractive
  • enviable
Body Image Issues Result from Comparison

Obviously — this couldn’t be further from the truth. But what happens is… 

You’ll always have body image issues comparing yourself to something you’re not and something you’ll never be. Resulting in being stuck in this downward spiral. 

Hence, comparison leaves YOU as your biggest enemy — standing in your own way of experiencing true happiness and pleasure.


Let’s be honest, hormones can often make us feel unattractive. I mean, any woman who keeps track of their cycle knows that there’s usually some period of time —  before, during or after the cycle — where they just feel gross and unattractive.

For others, it may come down to the fact they’re not producing enough estrogen or maybe their testosterone is off. Yes, when our testosterone drops, for both men and women, so, too, does our sexual drive.

In such cases, you might discern that your body image issues are hormone related. 


Perhaps you’re feeling unattractive because your spouse or your partner seems to have lost their sexual drive. And so, you can’t help but think to yourself, 

Well, is it my body? Because they really used to be into me, and now they’re not.

For MUCH more related to this topic, like:

  • Personal examples of negative thoughts I’ve had with my body
  • Why/how every person is impacted (at some point) by their own body image
  • Reasons why someone may have low sexual self esteem
  • The importance of educating yourself about your body and sexuality
  • Why we must remove the stigma around this topic

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