Asleep: How To Fall Asleep Fast

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The ability to fall asleep is everything. Seriously. You can go days without food, water, exercise, but not sleep. Listen, if you’ve followed me at all in recent years, then you know how serious this topic is to me. My body, brain, and all-around life changed forever once I gave sleep the attention it so desperately needed.

We know that 40 million Americans currently suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. That means they are forever at a lack of sleep.

Hence, this issue needs to be repeated. Today, I wanted to give you this very short technique that will help you fall asleep – after a little bit of practice – in less than a minute.

It’s called 4-7-8 Breath.

This method was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil. He’s a holistic healer, formally trained at Harvard. His technique uses your breath to help tranquilize the body and fall asleep.

Preferably you’re executing this sitting in an upright position.

FIRST STEP: Place your tongue at the ridge between your gums and where your gums hit (behind) the top of your upper front teeth. Your tongue stays in this position throughout the entire exercise.

SECOND STEP: Let out, through your mouth, as much air as possible. Not by blowing, but just lunging slightly forward. Try and make a whoosh sound.

THIRD STEP: Breathe in slowly through your nose counting to four.

FOURTH STEP: Now, you want to hold your breath. And that’s really key because it gives the body the ability to oxygenate the blood. While you’re holding in that breath, count to seven.

FIFTH STEP: Then, without forcefully pressing the air out to purposely make a sound, you’re going to count to eight and exhale slowly. Just let the air roll out of your mouth as you’re counting.

This counts as one total breath. You’re going to begin again by inhaling and then repeat the cycle three additional times. You’ve completed this method after four breaths – in totality.

Experts agree that this works, however, it does take some practice to get to a place where you can fall asleep in 60 seconds.

The reason why it works is…

  1. Oxygenating the blood.
  2. Your brain has something relaxing to focus on.

One of the main reasons why people have a difficult time falling asleep is their brain is racing – they’re thinking of all the things they:

  • Don’t want to think about
  • Want to forget
  • Should have done today
  • Hope to get done tomorrow
  • Wish they were thinking about instead

And then, oh boy, we just begin having all these crazy thoughts!

This technique will help you. Like anything else, play with it and practice for some time.

Speaking of practice, this method really helps with meditation, too. That’s why it’s called a meditation practice, after all.

You see, when you’re meditating, you’re not supposed to empty your mind. Rather, you’re supposed to stay present and only think of something that’s relaxing. For a lot of people, they actually need an activity.

This activity, 4-7-8 Breath, should help you in both areas of meditation and falling asleep faster!

This blog was inspired by a podcast from The Chalene Show, titled: How To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds | Calm Your Body And Your Mind TodayLISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE!


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